How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Head a Soccer Ball

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Head a Soccer Ball

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are talking about shooting. The more specific
way we are now going to take a look on how we shoot using our head. So we are actually
heading our ball to try to create a scoring opportunity. It’s important that we get power
when we head the ball. Otherwise is going to be a easy ball for the goal keeper to collect.
To get power, when we head the ball, we have to use the right part of the head to strike
the ball. We want the ball to go down, we do not want the ball to go up. So if we look
at the ball here, as I head that ball, I want to use my forehead right around where my hairline
is. That is the hardest part of my head. I want to try to tuck my chin in and use my
shoulders or my neck muscles to strike the ball down towards the goal. Let’s show it
with our demonstrators and see if we can score some goals. And I showed my demonstrators, we can score
with not just with our feet we can also score with our head, using the power of our forehead,
neck muscles to strike through the ball.

36 thoughts on “How to Kick a Soccer Ball : How to Head a Soccer Ball

  1. who gives a shit what you call it? haha i love how literally thousands of people basically take part in a vocabulary debate.

    "its a couch, not a sofa!" lol ridiculous.

  2. i use the back of my head when heading the ball. docters say the back of my head is stronger then the front. 1 in every 100,000 babies get that. i look awesome during soccer.

  3. @ciaranhickie Right to start with do not call people retarded when you cannot construct a sentance correctly to make your point. IRONY 🙂

  4. I'm American and prefer the name "football" because American football is just stupid. It's no difference what country you're from, it's a sport that every country has passion for. Soccer or football should not be dominant only in one place but the world should be united over the passion for this sport.

  5. @ciaranhickie yeah i know. and american football is my least favorite sport…. i cant say football without people asking me if im a quarterback -_-…. why couldnt we have named it pro rugby or something? …..

  6. Why do people not know that the term soccer was both the orig name for the sport and create by the Brits. They started calling it Football because it was easier for the poor to understand and it caught on due to it being a logical name.

    NFL (Football) is based off what was originally called Football in England (Rugby). The US is actually using the right name, the rest of the world uses the name the poor nicknamed it.

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