How to Kick a Soccer Ball High and Far *8 Key Points* – Online Soccer Academy

How to Kick a Soccer Ball High and Far *8 Key Points* – Online Soccer Academy

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coach, how to soccer, football soccer, soccer Today we are learning how to kick a soccer
ball high and far. This OSA video is sponsored by our parent company This style of kick can be used for clearing
a ball up the field, hitting a long ball over the top, corner kicks, goal kicks and any
reason you need height and distance on the ball. Before you learn how to kick high and far
I recommend fist being able to Chip a ball properly. Learn by watching this Online Soccer
Academy video here. The chip is for high, soft floated passes.
Kicking for distance and height will be a similar technique. If you can do the chip
with confidence, it will make kicking high and far easier. Key Point #1 – Line up behind the ball and
a tad to the side. Key Point #2 – Your shoulders should face
your target on your approach and follow through. Turn your shoulders and the ball will go where
your shoulders told it to. Think of your shoulders like the scope of a gun. If the scope is off
you aint hitting your target son! Key Point #3 – Your plant foot should be 1.5
to 2 steps away from the ball when you make contact. This allows your foot to be formatted
properly for your swing. Key Point #4 – Turn your kicking foot to the
side, rotate your foot down and make contact with the ball just below the base of your
big toe. Key Point #5 – Strike the lower part of the
ball but not directly under it. For a chip you strike underneath the ball. Doing this
will get your plenty of height but not as much distance. By striking on the lower part
of the ball you will still get height but a lot more distance. Key Point #6 – Have a low back swing and a
low follow through. A lot of players look like this when they
make this type of swing. By coming down on the ball all that power you created in your
backswing is going down in the ground. You don’t want that. With a low back swing, now all your power
is moving forward in the direction where you want the ball to go. If you follow through high on your swing this
will cause the ball to not go up as high as it should when you kick it. You want a low follow through. Key Point #7 – It’s about technique, not power.
Don’t be all Hulk like on your swing! You should be smooth. The best players make
this look easy because they relay on technique not pure strength. Key Point #8 – Make sure you lean back when
you follow through. Do not be hunched over the ball. That was a lot of key points. Before we get
into the exercise I want to tell you about Believe in it®. Believe in it® is our parent
company and it’s apparel that inspires you to reach your goal. If you love the Online
Soccer Academy and what we do then buy a Believe in it® shirt. You will love it! Its the same
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team to include a FREE Believe in it® bracelet and sticker too! Now for an exercise we can do to practice.
You will need as many balls as you have, 4 cones and a lot of space. Please don’t do
this in your backyard and break your parent’s windows! Start off by taking a few swings without the
ball. Get your body use to how this will feel. Once comfortable get the ball out and take
some swings. Don’t worry about accuracy or distance yet. Focus on technique. You could
even start with chipping the ball a few times and then progress to height and distance. When you feel confident with your technique
set up four cones as a square target up the field. Try to kick the ball high and far and
make it land in the square. Repeat until you master it or feel tired.
Make sure you are good and warmed up and don’t do this for an hour. I don’t want you pulling
anything! Some things that could be going wrong. If your plant foot is to close to the ball
then you can’t get the proper swing. You will end up using the inside of your foot, not
rotating your foot down like I talked about in Key Point #4. If you aren’t getting much height check your
backswing. Most players have a high back swing. Don’t kick your leg out when you step to the
ball. Instead take a step to the ball and let your back leg trail behind you. Increase your kicking leg speed as your technique
improves. Technique equals power. When your technique is solid then you can add more pure
strength to your swing. Do this by increasing the speed at which you swing your kicking
leg to strike the ball. This will equal greater distance on your kicks. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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