How to Kick a Field Goal in Football : How to Align the Steps to Make an Extra Point

How to Kick a Field Goal in Football : How to Align the Steps to Make an Extra Point

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we’re talking about now is the appropriate way to get ourselves lined up for an extra
point kick or for a field goal. There are a couple of different ways you can line yourself
up. One way is to simply come up with their plant foot, figure out where their plant foot
is, and they will count back. It’s also pertains to the type of person. Some will approach
a little faster so they’ll maybe take a half step back. Some people have a little longer
legs so they’ll take another step back. Shorter kickers will want to come up a little closer.
Remember, you don’t want to get too far away so when you approach for the kick it’s too
late and the defense has already crashed through. You’ll get your kicks blocked. That comes
with a lot of practice. You want to kick a lot of times to figure out what works best
for you. So, we’ve got the angle count off where you can count yourself back where you’re
comfortable. Or, you can come straight back and count three back, four over, or three
back, three over. Whatever your style is, you can either count it straight back and
then approach the ball. Again, it will take a lot of time walking through this and really
figuring out where you’re going to plant your foot and make the kick. That’s the proper
ways you can count yourself back and get lined up for a good kick.

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