How to Kick a Field Goal in Football : Extra Point vs. Field Goal Kicking

How to Kick a Field Goal in Football : Extra Point vs. Field Goal Kicking

Hi, this is Sean Hobson, for Expert Village.
What we’re talking about now is the appropriate way to kick the ball on an extra point versus
a field goal. There’s not a lot of difference in the kick. In fact, if you approach each
extra point like it is a field goal you’ll be a little more accurate. You don’t want
to take it too lightly and think you’ll get the ball up and it will just go through because
we’re not kicking it from that far away. But, there are a couple of differences to the way
you kick it. When you approach the ball and get ready to kick it for an extra point you
want to have a nice fluid motion. You want to approach the ball; you want to come through
it and kick the ball nice and easy and keep good balance. Make sure you get the ball through.
If you back it up for a field goal at a longer range, you want to come through with a little
more explosion on your kick and you’ll have a little skip at the end of your kick. I think
you’ll see more when we show it. This is just a regular extra point attempt. You’ll see
a nice fluid movement on the kick (video demo). When he kicks it, it’s nice and easy and he
comes on through it. If we move the tee back and we have to kick from a long range, he
has to put a little more on the kick whenever we get ready to kick the ball. He wants to
make sure to not kick it too hard because if he really comes up and tries to kick it
hard he’ll end up pulling it off to one side or the other and he’ll get a bad spin on the
ball. But, he does want to put a little more explosion in it and at the end of the kick
you’ll see a little bunny hop as he comes on through with the explosion on the kick.
This is what it looks like at full speed (video demo). You can see that time he tried to put
a little more on it but it was very close to the first kick. You don’t want to alter
things a whole lot, you just want to have a little more explosion through the ball but
not too much over kick to pull it to one side or the other.

72 thoughts on “How to Kick a Field Goal in Football : Extra Point vs. Field Goal Kicking

  1. this is NOT accurate! Whether you are kicking a PAT (extra point) or a FG (Field Goal) you should walk off your steps and approach the ball the same way as well as your follow-through will be the same. Any kick you take whether 20 yards or 50 yards should be full explosive power and with the same exact steps, motion, ball impact, foot/ball contact, and follow-through. To get legitimate instruction or to buy kicking books and dvd's visit us at kickingworld. COM

  2. you two are so right
    whether its a PAT or 50 yarder you should kick it the same
    you suck guy meat

  3. everyone here should shut up, this is FREE aint it? so if ur lookin for expert opinions and great stuff to hear for free that could really help you it prolly wont be free, i should make a video. im 15 kickin 45 yarders like they NUTIN

  4. i never kicked a football before, but i can kick the living crap out of the soccer ball(i was a goalie)….i wonder how different or harder it is??

  5. i don't have a football…or the holder….i don't even know if you can kick it with soccer shoes or would i need to buy football shoes…guys am foreign don't know much about it

  6. So… apparently, you should kick the ball harder for a field goal than for an extra point.

    I'm glad this video was here to explain that one to me.

  7. r u for real this vid sucks
    you should always follow the same routine on pat and on farther fg.
    This vid is just to confuse people dont listen to this shit

  8. ur right but you should always follow the same routine the kicker in the vid kicks that "long fg" like a kickoff he probably missed it lol

  9. Lol. I am a college kicker and this guy only makes me laugh. You can tell he is full of shit as he st-udders his way through the explanation. If you are a young kicker watching this don't listen to it. Every kick should be the exact same. It is called a follow through… not a "Bunny Hop".

  10. @1414rg well i go into different angles for the XP im more into the height so it doesnt get blocked and in FG im only into the length of the kick, like my XP are maybe 30 yards long but therefore way higher than the FG's from like 40 yards or something

  11. @azyloom Absolutely…I've been saying this to numerous kickers on my page. But this coach knows absolutely nothing about kicking. Check out my videos on my page for correct instruction. One of the videos is labeled How to Kick Field Goals. In it I am kicking off of the ground. It is meant for kickers transitioning into college. So if any kickers out there in high school that aren't in that transition…please do as the person commented and use the tee while you can.

  12. @WorldPhuckingChamps thats not a tee, its a block and it only raises the ball off of the ground but it doesnt keep it in place

  13. This guy is an idiot I am a kicker and you kick it the exact same way for XP and FG's this guy is just dumb holy cr**

  14. Garbage advice. Kick it the same each time. I only kick it harder than normal if the kick is on the edge of my range.

  15. hahahahaha he is using a 2" block …….im a freshman and i use a 1" block and im almost ready to go to the ground and i can kick a 40 yarder

  16. "but once me move the fall back to a long range, the 15 yard line, hes gonna ave to really put his leg into this one" 25 yard field goals are REALLY far away

  17. @1414rg amen to that and i am a kicker and this guy looks like he is trying to make a new form that does not work

  18. wronge there is no difference between a field goal and pat, dont listen to this. you should do the same kick the same time no matter the distance.

  19. This guy has obviously never kicked in his life! You approach a PAT EXACTLY the same way as a Field Goal. The mechanics are exactly the same. Nothing annoys me more than listening to a commentator in a game say "this is just a chip shot", No such thing!

  20. Don't listen to this coach about taking it easy on extra points vs. hitting it harder on longer kicks.  Your kicks should all look the same and be the same unless you're kicking a FG on the outer limits of your "comfortable range".  For example, if you kick with your "normal" effort and you can get it there from 48 out , then any kick inside of that range should have that same effort.  Don't get lazy and "take it easy" because you're closer, you'll end up missing (it's happened to me).  If coach asks you to kick a 52 yarder, then you're going to have to put more power behind it because if you don't, you know it's going to be short.  PS, your plant foot should not stay planted after you kick, you it should naturally cause you to skip forward.  Practice, practice, watch youtube vids about kicking and practice!!!  Good luck!

  21. I want you to run up and kick it, but make sure it goes through.
    The farther away you get, just kick it harder, but make sure it goes in….

    If only a coach would have given me such legendary advice four years ago when i started kicking

  22. terrible advice. Your kicks should ALL be the same. When I was a kicker my PATs alt cleared by 35 Tara or so, meaning I could use that same kick for a 55 yard field goal. What you are teaching RUINS the chance of pure consistency. This is BAD ADVICE. All your kicks should be identical, be it a PAT or 50 yard field goal. Learned this via private lessons with Ray Pelfrey in the early 90s. All prospective kickers should entirely disregard this video. ENTIRELY.

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