How to Jump Higher kiteboarding – Ride with Blake: Vlog 17

How to Jump Higher kiteboarding – Ride with Blake: Vlog 17

Hey what’s up, this is Blake Olson from MACkiteboarding, here today to teach you how to jump higher on the kiteboard. I
chose this trick because it’s an adrenaline filled sport like many others,
where the main goal is to try to do the craziest trick as possible. So if you can jump a little higher that always helps out. I love adrenaline filled sports.
Volcano boarding Nicaragua, hiking the kalalau trail in Hawaii. Traveling on
a little motorcycle through the mountains of northern Thailand or
Vietnam any of those sorts of activities that
give you a rush and gets you going. Jumping higher is always one of those things. Five steps for you today on how to jump
higher. I’m here chilling in my backyard with Ben. We just got a road Mic,
I hope audio is better for you this time but here are the five steps. Step one is
your speed. a lot of people think that being overpowered actually make the jump higher but you want to have the proper amount of speed where you can get going
really fast you don’t want to run the kite and have a rip you off your edge if
you’re a little overpowered to be almost too much and not make a jump I might go
farther but not as high to jump high you want to perfectly trim your kite so that
we get the right pop with the amount of speed you have so step number one just
make sure your kites trim properly so you can get the right amount of pop
without being ripped off your edge. Step number two is once the kite appropriately
powered just pump the kite they just work it just doing little motions up and
down it gives you a little more speed and then wiggle the kite just kind of by
pulling the bar up and down real quick just so that moves and then all of that
little those little movements get that extra speed built up up in so you get
that extra speed built up and step number two step number three is to pump
your board so what I like to do is do tiny little hops like you’re almost like
kind of going through the water like that or wiggle the back foot and the
foot shop like this which really shoots your board off and get you on playing
quicker just jump the board hop it wiggle it do whatever you can to move
the board and get as much speed as possible to break that surface
step number four is using all that speed and power you’re going to explosively pop
up out of the waters so before when you’re doing regular jumps just done the
kite pop but when you want to get really high you’re going to have to explosively
pop by pushing down really hard lifting your front foot and your back knee is
going to be bent all the way the sound is going to be straight your board is
going to be launching in the direction that it’s shooting out the times
possible so the burek itis is lifting you and your board is here one thing but
if you go and you launch your board like this by pushing down on the back and
then launching up with front, you throw your body in your arms in the air that’s
going to get you way higher because your initial pop right off the water water is
here and suck you to it then you’re getting out of the water the regular
jump you pump and launch your boards flying into the air then that’s going to
give that kite extra time to lift off the water give you that extra boost so
when you’re launching want to really push down on your back foot pull up as hard as you can on your front foot or your front foot almost going to your knees
and you just want to just almost jump up in the air I basically just trying to
jump into the sky because that give you the extra height. So explosively pop is step
number four biggest thing in this whole trick is
getting the right pop when you work with the kite rather than having it
lifted up the other step number five is just when you’re sending the kite you
can actually send it half 12 o’clock in the wind window to go into the right
send it over to 11 o’clock because if that does gives you a little bit extra
hang time and you can always correct it by drinking it back but if you’ve done
the kite over to the other side of the window gives you a little bit extra time
in the air and with your explosive pop and speed and sending the kite over a
little bit you’ll be jumping a lot higher thanks for watching as always
drop a line if you like any trick tips I’m always happy to help you

15 thoughts on “How to Jump Higher kiteboarding – Ride with Blake: Vlog 17

  1. Very important to know! Well done! Shared on and

  2. Thank you.
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  3. Another awesome episode Blake! I can get some decent jumps in but when I really get everything right I have a hard time landing. I try to fly the kite a bit more so I don't pass the kite but mostly just butt check and ride off. I know I should point the board more down wind but find it hard to get my body in that position. Any tips? Also would you recommend doing a heli loop when landing for bigger jumps? I tried a few of those and that actually felt allot better with the landing.

  4. thanks for the great tips-. kiting starts in T- 4 hours. only checked the forecast 50 times in the last 2 days.

  5. great Video,, I have never seen any videos on pumping the board to get more speed. this may be a great topic to discuss with your viewers

  6. I have a Cabrinha FX 9 with original Overdirive 1X lines and I'm 70 kilos. I use it even with 35-40 knts for bigger jumps. The point is that I struggle to pop in those conditions, because I can't ride in a correct position(the bar is almost all the way out). I'm ok with the power but can't correctly prepare the jump.

    Should I buy a lines extension kit? How can top riders ride that much overpowered and still keep the bar halfway?

    Thanks from ITALY!

  7. when do I initiate the pop? while sending the kite, or at 12. or when i start feeling the tension, seems like no video is clear on that… thanks

  8. Hei. Good tips on the speed. My 11 is awesome to jump with. Last time I wanted to jump with a 15m and I found IT harder to jump. Probably because its slower and my timing not as good? You have some tips on that 🀐😁?

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