What is up guys, PWG here. And since a lot of you guys have been asking on tips on how to juggle. That is exactly what we’re
going to learn today. So before you start juggling, you need to get your touch
right, and in order to get your touch right, you need to bounce a ball before
you do every touch like this. Bounce, touch, bounce, touch, bounce, touch. Try to
get it to knee height, and it’s all about preference where you hit the ball, but I
prefer to hit it on your ‘toe-knuckles’. So when you got the one touch in the box, you
could add more juggles in between the bounces. the more comfortable you get, the more juggles you can add in between the bounces. And keep in mind
that you keep the ball about knee height, and you give it a slight backspin. The key point is not to lift your leg
when you juggle, like this. But to actually keep your leg slightly bent and
juggle by extending your leg, like this. And remember, small soft touches on your
toe knuckles. To create that little backspin that you get when you juggle, all you have to do is tilt your toes slightly upwards when you extend your leg. The
degree of the tilt is a matter of preference. And now, the final and most
important step. You guessed it, practice! Just like anything else, you need to put
in the right amount of hours to be able to learn this. Now I’ve given you a few tips
on how to juggle. And now I’m going to show you guys what not to do. If you are one of these four people, you seriously need to step it up! So that was it for now, I hope you guys
learned something new. This might not be the most fun tutorial, but I promise you
guys when you learn this, it will get more fun. Remember to leave a like and
subscribe, but also leave a comment down below what you want me to teach you next
time. Also share this video with a friend
who’s terrible at juggling. See you guys next time! Translated this video? Leave your name here for credit 🙂

47 thoughts on “HOW TO JUGGLE

  1. What do you guys think about this tutorial? Will you be able to beat Theo Hernandez in a juggling competition now 😉 leave a comment below and tell us if you will be able to juggle properly now!

  2. Hey I have a real problem with putting very heavy backspin on the ball so my juggling record is very good and I’m great at juggling but because of the backspin I have a very hard time doing free styling moves which are much easier when the ball isn’t spinning in a direction already

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