How To Juggle A Soccer Ball | Tutorials For Beginners – Part 3

How To Juggle A Soccer Ball | Tutorials For Beginners – Part 3

Hey guys this is Mark later with Spila Soccer Services. This is part three of our three-part series on juggling for
beginners. If you haven’t seen parts one or two, then make sure you check them out. We’ve linked them below. I hope you guys enjoy the videos. Make sure
to like, comment, and subscribe thanks for watching. In drill six, you’re going to drop the ball from your hands, kick it
twice with your dominant foot back up to your hands and then catch it. Try to
complete 20 perfect reps or thirty seconds on each side. A perfect rep is when you’re not having to chase the ball. In drill seven you’re gonna drop the ball
from your hands, kick it with your dominant foot, but then use your weaker foot to kick the ball back up to your hands. For this drill I recommend you try to complete 20 perfect
reps or 45 seconds on each side without messing up. Again, make sure you’re focusing on your technique and
doing perfect reps. Congrats guys, if you’ve made it this far then that means
you can complete steps 1 through 7 easily with no mistakes. That means that
you’re ready to start trying to juggle. Remember you’re not going to be perfect
yet…juggling takes a lot of practice in order to master. Start by trying to get
five jungles while you’re under control. Once you reach that goal you can
increase your goal by five. Now we’re going to review everything we’ve learned
in the past few videos. We’ll start by talking about the proper technique. Make
sure your knees are bent for good balance. Your toes are slightly up, and your
ankle is locked. You’re taking light touches on the ball, and
you’re focusing on hitting the center of the ball with the bone on the top of
your foot. Make sure you’re challenging yourself because that’s definitely going
to help you improve. As you get more and more comfortable try to increase the
number of touches before you catch the ball. Start with small increments and work
your way up. I know that in all of the drills you started the ball from your hands. The reason for
this is that it’s a better way to learn how to juggle and to
get comfortable with the feel of the ball. Make sure you guys stay on the lookout
for upcoming tutorials. We’re going to give you guys a lot of different ways that
you can lift the ball off the ground to start your juggling. Hey guys, that was part three of three of our juggling
series for beginners. I really hope you guys enjoyed all the videos. If you have
make sure you like, comment, and subscribe. Share the videos with your friends, and everybody please
make sure to be on the lookout for more videos to come.

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  1. I watched all your videos they helped me but everytime I juggle the ball gets out of control and I can't control the ball above my below my waist from nine year old please help me

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