100 thoughts on “How To Juggle A Soccer Ball – “From 5 to 500”

  1. I can juggle 24h but its boaring after 700 juggles
    Btw i know how to do tricks with ball you can see it on my channel

  2. Everyone has a strong and weak foot, your weak foot still may be strong but one foot is always dominant over the other unless your actually ambidextrous

  3. after watching this video, i got to realize how many mistakes i had. i was doing something, i don't know what was it but, i wasn't kicking the ball as how you said. that's the video had me improved. thanks for your effort. you helped me a lot.

  4. Did he forget to mention that backspin is for beginners and that you’re supposed to be able to control the ball with absolutely no spin at all🤭

  5. im sitting down listening to him and reading the comments about how ppl have like 3 and im over here waiting for my neighbor to pass me my ball back from their yard 😐.

    edit: i got it backkk

  6. I would just like to say to anyone thinking they will never get there, I watched this video almost 2 years ago and the most I had gotten was 20 juggles. Currently I just got my new record of 1000 juggles. Nothing is impossible if you put the work in, and stay focused on your goal.

  7. My problem is that I can’t use both of my feet, as I am not that good with my left foot and when I juggle, I only use my right foot. Any ideas?

  8. I used to get 15 almost every time, but now it's rare if I even get 3. I dont know what happened, because I was still practicing every day. :/

  9. My record is probably something around 100 but I always lose count by like 30. My goal isn’t to sit there for 5 minutes straight and get hundreds of juggles it’s to try to consistently get 25-30 every time rather than once every 5 like I can now

  10. Whenever I juggle it just comes close to my body, flies away, or goes forward. It also has a ton of backspin on it and whenever I try to juggle with shin guards on it just hits those.


  12. highest 20 today with 10 attempts only right foot 5 left foot 5 each 5 same time , my highest 50 cuz i did it at field and i got 20 cuz the stupid table blocking me

    Edit : After i uploaded this comment 5 minutes ago , i got 30 today
    Edit : 40

  13. My highest juggle is 19 but I WILL get 500 within a week I'll come back in a week and edit this to tell you if I have achieved it. Good luck everyone👍🏽

  14. Juggling is important on match, i am a striker and i cant juggle and i loose some oportunities because of that (srry for my English)

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