How to Improve Your Weak Foot  & Touch in Soccer or Football  – Weaker foot training & drills

How to Improve Your Weak Foot  & Touch in Soccer or Football  – Weaker foot training & drills

guys what up today we have how to improve your weak foot video and I know it’s one that is going to benefit all of you I’ve seen all the weak foot videos out there and did not have what we have the secret PostSecret the secret ocean [Music] legend hasn’t that four hundred years ago a book existed that contained secret soccer potions previously thought to be lost forever it was found offsides in the middle of rural Kansas the book held the contents of weak foot potion a potion that consists of three things first the perfect blade of grass [Music] [Music] [Music] second the tears of a defender you just burned third a trophy my true champion you don’t steal from Zlatan Zlatan is absolute champion you can have one for free okay so there is no we put potion or is there now there isn’t obviously or no if you guys want to get better with your weak foot what you’re going to have to do is practice what you’re not realizing is that with your dominant foot you are training every day all the time you’re using it more than you’re using their weak foot and if you want to get better you got to use your weak foot there are no shortcuts to this at all but what we have for you are some drills that if you do them 15 to 20 minutes that’s all every day or at least five times a week within a couple of weeks you will show huge improvement in your weak foot so let’s check them out all right it’s a part of the problem that you’re having with your weak foot is that your balance is a little bit off and it feels kind of awkward and what we’re going to do now is get you guys used to balancing on your stronger foot and using your weaker foot in order to do this drill we’re going to do using my right foot as my weak foot is we are going to roll bounce okay dance notice that I’m going backwards and the reason I’m going backwards is this in the game is not a thing I’ve seen a lot of drills and things that make you move forward like this it’s it’s inefficient we don’t do it that’s pros we just don’t do it it’s a very rare move and you’re not just going you’re not going to use it very much but what you will use is just drag back or drag to the side so what you’re going to do is practice going backwards and side to side using this notice that the whole time I’m balancing on this foot I’m very used to doing this I dribble with my left so it’s a bit more efficient but to do it with your weak foot takes a little getting used to all of the drills will focus on using just that foot and I want you guys to do these drills one after another 15 to 20 minutes and I’m gay in you you will get better if you put in the work and you have the discipline to stick with it we’ve done balance now dribbling a huge part of the game and I’ve done a few dribbling videos so check those out if you haven’t and like I’m always saying I don’t want any excuses that you don’t have cones or something – please log have a flat surface and a ball or something that you can use as a ball you can practice this alright so I don’t have cones I’m just going to use my gloves so I just throw my gloves here and right there that’s it just two markers that’s all I need the idea is to create a situation in which you’re using your weak foot as your dominant foot now what we’re going to be doing is taking a lot of touches with our weak foot normally when you’re trying to get from one place to another you may pass it there and run that’s easier but right now we’re working on control and so in order to do that I want you guys to take as many little touch as you can cut here as little touches there and I’m not going to give you specific instructions besides to tell you all you need to do is keep the ball close very very close you can come up to the marker step over around like this it doesn’t matter if every once in a while you touch the ball with your other foot I want you to think if your left footed okay now I’m right foot it if you’re right footed okay I’m going to pretend like I’m left-footed whatever you do you keep the ball close you want to get as many touches as you can that’s the idea and that’s what’s going to bring your weak foot up to the same level as your strong foot getting as many touches as you can training and training and training in order to get better you also have to be able to control the ball in the air and have a whole lot of confidence at doing that so juggling huge tremendous help if you can juggle very well you can have better control with the ball if you’re at a level where you can juggle like this comfortably then what I want you to do is simply juggle with one foot like that if you’re not quite at that level where you can juggle to 100 very easily or 50 or 60 whatever the number is what I want you to do is let the ball bounce by backup you try backup – you do this a couple times five ten and then one to backup what if you are advanced this should be your aim you should be at a point where you can control the ball lower like this or higher like that I want you to get at least 100 especially if you’re doing like this you need to get to a point where you’re 1 2 1 2 3 now you’re at 5 keep going until you get to 100 passing obviously another huge portion of the game and you need to be able to do it very comfortably and to improve that with your weak foot just use a wall if you’ve got somebody who can train with you that’s perfectly fine when you’re doing the wall passing in order to make this game like there are a few things that you can do so depending on your level the passes are going to be harder or softer if you are at a very good level you know with both feet that it’s the passes are going to look like that all we need to think about is that you really want to be as accurate as possible sometimes when you guys are kicking it you just kicking it you hoping it goes here or there or whatever when I’m passing it I’m aiming for one spot on the wall I don’t want to move if I do this correctly I shouldn’t move at all ok so the amount of repetitions you get there are going to make you a better player that’s simple OneTouch to get you more game-like what we do is take us a to touch there take a touch pass back take a touch pass the back like I’ve talked about before when you’re settling the ball cushion it don’t just stick your leg out when you’re trying to receive the ball like this the ball will roll away when you receive the ball same thing applies for your strong foot and your weak foot when you pass the ball cushion so the ball steps out right in front of you and we’re going to take two touches like this once again if you’re doing it right you shouldn’t move it off what I’m gonna do is put all these together get you your reps get everything I want you guys to practice this five times a week if you can in about a week you’ll start to see a little bit of change in two weeks you’ll see more of a change if you can do this every day or five days a week for a month you will change your game you’ll have a new experience with the game and that is what you want and that’s what I want for you guys to be able to bring the best out of your game you need to have the discipline to stick with it that’s the only thing that’s going to make your weak foot not any weak foot potion not anything not asking for a different drill do these drills stay consistent stay discipline that is how you make your weak foot better later [Music] by travelpod member [Music]

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  2. the biggest turning point for my weak foot (left) was when I started trying to replicate everything I'd do with my right foot to my left. Plant foot, body balancing, follow through and contact when striking. After a while my muscle memory increased from the repitition. before that, even watching someone shoot with their left foot made my foot uncomfortable. everyone started with 2 weak feet if you think about it. when you learn soccer, you teach your one foot how to play. it's just like teaching soccer to your weak foot from scratch.

  3. Today is the day I do these drills I will become the best player in the world pray for me ❤️❤️to help me make my path to become a pro ❤️luv the vids

  4. My way of improving your weak is to just use it even if it makes you look physically disabled and you’ll eventually improve

  5. I play with both feet i simply have no weak foot but when dribbling or running with the ball my left is simply stronger, even when I'm shooting and guggling.

  6. If i have a lot of money and time to practice more than this.i become more skillsfull than legend footballer

  7. If i have a lot of money and time to practice more than this.i become more skillsfull than legend footballer

  8. Awsome… Video bro…. I loved it…. Gonna start 4 it😁🇨🇮✌…. Hope it improve….. Waiting 4 some more gud video

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