HOW TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS | Learn awesome football skills

HOW TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS | Learn awesome football skills

today we’re gonna teach you five more cool football skills that you can use to impress your friends now he’s made you know those kind of football skills that can really make people look at you and think wow that man handsome heck is and today we’re going to teach you five of those five more of those where you can do the extra you think when you warm up to a match or you’re basically just fooling around in training so if you need a few more skills in your locker well this is the video to wife number five the shield taking a defender straight on you do this move run with speed to a sole role and jump in front of the board this creates a form of a shield so the defender can’t get to the ball wait for the ball then to catch up with you and do a step over body feint move away [Music] number four the double jump role this is all about throwing the defender off balance to a sole roll jump faking going one way and now quickly do it the opposite way this move is very good against the slightly bigger and heavier defenders and tall you big guys I say that with a whole lot of love [Music] number three the Nate didn’t come prepare to had to figure out a move while we were filming trick more commonly known as the hocus pocus alas the pole this move might seem very useless but it can what I promise start off with a hocus pocus to get the ball rolling and the girls screaming now to a step-over straight into an elastic oh if you can pull this off in a match I salute you if not well at least it’s a good party three [Music] number two that quick feet this is all about luring the defender in and trapping him do a soul roll or small tap with the inside of your other foot catch it and now do the hocus-pocus so start practicing if you want to be the dog of town and finally number one the overhead Miaka el número own I’m pretty sure this move is illegal in most countries so watch out guys with the defender on your back you scoop the pole up into knee height now hit it with the outside of your knee while straightening out your leg you point the toes upwards [Music] so there you go my friends five more cool skill moves that you can use on the pitch to impress your friends like Nate impress me beautiful stuff huff for what do you guys think we should do next you see let us know in the comment section right down below now of course also don’t forget them if you want to gear up for the World Cup that’s well and truly on the way you can get the latest shirts you think at the boots you can get the work of football you can get all of it by clicking the link going to unisport or come right over there no finally you should also go and watch some more skill videos by clicking the playlist right down here and then of course don’t forget to go subscribe to our channel with the notifications on of course to join the unit or my family and see all our latest videos when they dropped and well that’s it guys I’m back to see some World Cup signing off cheerio

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  1. Jaymike makes the most useless and ineffective moves look so much more dramatic and effective that you might start thinking that if you do them,the defender might go flying in the air!!!😂

  2. Where was the trick performed at the very first 5 seconds of the video? Don’t put stuff you aren’t going to teach. Unsubscribed.

  3. In your video defender is always stepping back…..while in a natural game sometimes defender tackels too !!
    So how can i deal with it ???

  4. Unisport
    Can you courier me free boots because my parents won't allow me to buy it for my upcoming football matches .

  5. Hello Unisport, can you make a video about" How to dribbling like Salah and Dybala" .part 2 , please!!!

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