How To Hydro Dip Football Boots!

How To Hydro Dip Football Boots!

hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team
and today we’re gonna look at hydro dipping boots you guys been asking for
it for a long time you may have seen Kieran Brown he’s hydro dipped some boots
a while ago there’s also a guy called Scooter Brad who is in Christchurch as
well and he took his YouTube play button and hydro dipped that we’re not gonna do
that today but that’s pretty interesting so we’re gonna give hydro dipping a go
we’ve learned a couple of things from watching those guys give it a try and
we’ve got a whole bunch of boots here we are not going to start off with these
cr7 superflys we might move on to those we’ll see how we get on but I want
to learn and try and work out maybe we we’ll try some fake boots some fakes
we’re gonna give these a go and we’ll put those in just to try and work out
how this hydro dipping stuff really works and how we can get a really good
result and then we’ll move on and try I’ve got lots of different boots here to
try it with so I’ll give those a go in a minute first off I’m gonna start filling
this up with water and then we’ll put the paint in all right so let’s start off with some
color let’s go gold to start off with I just
want to test the concept so I’m just going to do a tiny little bit here in
here so get in close – all right so we’ll start off with the grass football boots
key ring we’ll just see how this works as a process I believe going slowly is
the key whoa look at that that’s weird okay here it comes the bottom half looks cool the back bit
looks even better I think we just lost a little bit at the top there but that’s
why we’re practicing so we’ll get a little better with doing more stuff so
we’ve got to choose a few now I think we’re definitely going to go with the
fake pair so maybe let’s go with these you can see they’ve got a little bit
spray painting already from some other customizations and stuff we’ve done and
maybe I’ll move on and do these Superfly fakes later with the fluorescence but let’s
try what color should we go for I quite like the gold maybe gold and black see
how we go what do you reckon I can give that a go all right cross your fingers it looks kind of cool in places that’s
kind of a nice little mix between the upper end oh this is sick there’s a lot
of that that I really like and some other areas that look like they need a
bit more shall we see what happens if I re-dip it in this bit I try and go
sideways it looks pretty cool all right let’s try to get a bit more on
the toe box here which one get rid of that it’s going this way maybe we’ll put these on feet at the end
of the video soleplate looks pretty cool on the toes best one yet first boot best
one yet I think we’re doing well we’re learning I’m gonna take these and let’s
try adding a bit of white see what happens there and maybe a bit of green
too maybe even take them back to their roots previously green I think we should see how that goes is
kind of interesting now this time I might try and just do like half like a
side and then we’ll flip it over flipping as I go whoa it’s kind of interesting look at
that soleplate I don’t like the layering like this is a bit thick the white but
the green looks awesome but some of that green looks really good strange little bubble holes little air
holes or something like something’s going on there but look at that soleplate
alright so we’ve got a few options we’ve got the fake nemeziz some fake Superfly
4s in the pink some completely fake boots fake obras we could even move on
to real boots now this could get really chalky I’ve no idea really what’s gonna
happen where’s that pink gone? all right here we go it seems like a
quite a thin coat all right let’s do this I haven’y got any gold yet! I might have hydro dipped my arm it’s just gone a lot greener all with
some cool soleplate and a little bit of the pink speckle from the last spray again
the soleplate is one of the coolest bit so I wanted to just purely dip a
soleplate and then leave the rest nice little splatter effect on that
previous custom previous dip as well I don’t mind that in a kind of weird way and a little bit of the base coat of the
pink left at the back there it’s got like a kind of army camo type thing
going on…. interesting so go back in for a bit of gold toe see
if we can get it see what happens well it floated up I wasn’t
expecting that all right that’s that’s a thick coat too thick I think all right I want to do
one more and I think I’m actually gonna resort to these Hypervenoms and I’m
might even fold that in will try and leave that leave that I’m just gonna try
and turn these into a Neymar golden dream gold one because the gold is
definitely the best and I feel like if I get it right it could look really good
and then maybe we could do a gold Hydro dip on a real boot it’s gonna end up
with a little bit of pink like splatter to it as well but that might look kind
of cool I can handle that all right wish me luck, how we gonna do this slowly I think is the answer just trying to get that whole thing to
wrap as one I don’t know which side needs the gold
more oh that look, bits of that looked really
decent soleplate not too bad little gaps here and there this area here
there’s like a proper spray paint almost this side that’s not worked so well
alright guys so you can probably vote in the poll card now if you want you got
your multicolored Magistas you’ve got your gold hypervenom so you’ve got your
green and gold superflys you’ve got your green and white pure controls or
you’ve got your gold tiempos vote in the poll card now which is your favorite
if I was going to choose a favourite I would probably go for this one cuz it
seems to have gone on the best which is interesting because it does have a bit of a
base kind of paint type stuff on some of it which might have helped I can’t have
a little bit annoying about these ones because a lot of that worked out really
well so maybe I could learn a few lessons from you doing that it looks
like gold leaf alright guys I am not sure if you really want to do this on
real boots or not but if you do drop a comment below otherwise thanks for
watching go enjoy your football

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