How to Hit a Volleyball Harder in 2 Steps


how to increase hitting velocity in two
simple steps look at how much they’re hitting velocity improved after these
following athletes learned how to engage their core and rotate their entire body
while hitting I just want you to hit three or four balls into the net like you
normally do go for it Assistance training before when you were just starting alot of you were standing there just throwing your are at it ok? You can hit the ball that way, you can hit it hard that way. if you want to hit harder we want you to learn more of the muscles of your body use your legs, step and turn your hips, youre using you legs and your hip muscles when your shoulder turns, youre using your core muscles, your arm muscles and your back muscles and your chest, youre using your whole body. it should feel much more athletic to you and you should be able to hit the ball alot harder step turn your hips turn that dot as fast
as you can towards nicole hit the ball straight ahead the band attached to the powercore 360 hip
trainer helps the athlete shift her way into ball and then
pulls and turns the back hip through the swing while she hits this teaches each athlete the feel of proper sequenced body or hitting motion as they build the correct muscle memory resistance training now the band is resisting your hip instead of
helping it through. Youre going do the same thing take that dot on your hip turn as fast
as you can over there and hold your finish. the band is now attached to the powercore 360 hip trainer, the
athlete has to engage the correct muscles of her legs and hips as she performs the hitting
motion, short-term performing this hitting motion for a few minutes engages or turns on the specific hitting muscles of the legs and hips
and immediately increases hip power and hitting velocity. long- term training two to
three times per week will strengthen these specific hitting muscles and will add
increasing levels of hip strength and arm speed and ball velocity. so you felt what its like we saw
the numbers go up on everybody right by By stepping and turning your hips and then actually making the muscles , activating the muscles around your hips and pelvis using the resistance your velocity went up, how hard you were hitting the ball went up that was right now, we didnt make you any stronger, all we did was turn on the muscles that you have the
strength in right now. What do you suppose would happen if couple two or three
times a week you actually strengthen those muscles well when you put the band I like it did
you actually work on that if you do three or four sets, five reps like you did and did
two or three times a week those muscles will get stronger. That’s the next part
of it is make those muscles stronger so it turns your body faster cuz you felt
what it’s like when the hips turned faster what happen your arm came through faster that’s how
you got more arm speed, more velocity So as a collegiate coach tell us what you’ve
seen what
I saw was a really quick way for athletes to learn how to use their bodies as
coaches we try to break things down so much a lot of times it depends on how
well explained, how many reps they take this very natural way for them to see immediate
results they start figuring out their bodies and how to use
them within an hour session here and I could see players of all ages all skill
levels of physical ability to be able to figure out how to use the different
components of her body in a much better ways Specifically for volleyball and the number show it as a coach and
watching this thinking wow this saves a lot of hours of frustration for the athletes
and you get result based performance average increase ranged anywhere from
13 to 16 mph which is pretty remarkable with each step increase in every athlete
is consistent across the board

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