How to Hit a Volleyball – Arm Swing Drills

How to Hit a Volleyball – Arm Swing Drills

alright Tay and we’re gonna put these volleyball arm cuffs
on my part 1 above your elbow just loose the other one above your wrist we’re going to use a band just like on the hip and torso harness we’re going to use the band so you can actually feel what we want
your arm to do and just reinforce the movement K so you gonna take your left hand toss it
up swim movement with you’re right arm go ahead and get to that point
do the same thing left hand to heart slowly up to impact turn everything up take it up impact way
up high reach it up let it snap now okay let’s do that
again awesome good job now let’s watch that right hand on our
swim move lets keep it below our chin as we go back here we go there you go nice good just like that
repeat that that’s awesome two more just like that really turn those hips let that wrist snap let it snap at impact good one more
time relax that right wrist great job stay right there K very cool turn around here gonna try
another band here let’s try this and what’s actually go out now that your
elbows doing the right thing looks like make your hand do the right thing K same motion left-hand up right hand swim move lets
do that again break that right hand below your chin on your swing move good now let’s go to the motion slowly
up to impact good and that left hand comes to your heart
sooner in the process sooner in the swing reach it up left hand to
your heart take it up good just like that and let’s go a
little slower with that awesome snap it up good just like that great job four more
just like that good elbow up nice last one coming elbow up and relax want to try two bands so we’re going to hook both on
the elbow and the wrist this is going to be twice the resistance
so we’re gonna go slower with this okay same motion left hand up right hand
swim move slow up to impact nice stay right there good repeat take your step slowly up awesome job same thing good three more just like that good take your left hand to your heart a little
faster a little sooner awesome one more left hand to your heart awesome and
relax now what I want you to do is actually hit some balls with that
same motion K want to try that so why don’t you come over here I’d like you to hit some balls into the net K same thing your focus is on same motion
with your body left hand up swim move with the right-hand awesome K go ahead you hit that thing okay there we go there we go great job same thing nice let’s see how fast you bring your left
hand to your heart hit that volleyball that a girl good awesome two more let’s see if you can
really turn your hips now there we go fast hips last one Tay and great job awesome and relax
good good job powercore360 dot com

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