How to head a soccer ball

How to head a soccer ball

Hi my names Jaz today i’m gonna teach you
how to properly
head the ball, jump and head the ball
and dive and to complete a simple header you can complete it in 3 easy steps first bend your knees step 2 pretend like you’re holding a steering wheel above your head and step 3 act like you’re pushing through that steering wheel for example you can re watch the last 3 steps as many times as you need and once you master them we can move on to jumping headers. Jumping header you have to be able to time the ball perfectly so when the ball reaches its peak and begins to come down thats when you need to jump So know that you know to head the ball with your feet on the ground and in the air now you’re gonna learn how to dive and head the ball this is for when the ball is around knee height and you can’t get your foot up fast enough and it’s easier to dive down and head the ball Now that you’ve learned how to head the ball, jump and head the ball, and dive and head the ball You can visit my friends videos on how to do a scissors move and how to pass the ball Thanks for watching

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