How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

So I’m just gonna get this out of the way… And it has NOTHING to do with the video But one year for Halloween I dressed up as a bunny. I… I.. don’t know WHY I thought it would be a good idea Maybe I thought I would be CUTE :3 But looking back at these old photos… I realized… (a bit of silence while James looks at the photos) Man… (some more bits of silence) I was CUTE! So me and my friends Took trick or treating VERY seriously THERE’S NO MESSING AROUND One year… We practiced the path we would take A week before Halloween So our legs wouldn’t get tired When the big day came You had to be in top physical condition To go door to door To Get free candy And then… Mess you’re whole body up again So obviously now I’m a retired trick or treater So… I wanna pass down my wisdom to anyone out there who’s still trick or treating A lot of people will say… To get the good candy… YOU GOTTA MAP OUT THE WHOLE NEIGHBOURHOOD SKIP THE ONE’S THAT HAVE MILK DUDS AND WHOPPERS OKAY TEAM LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No! Sometimes you can’t! There was only one house in my neighbourhood That gave out big candy My parents didn’t want to drive me over to the RICH PEOPLE Neighbourhood So waddya gowna do? Well… Me and my friends came up with a couple of ways To get the most out of your trick or treating! One time… My friend based his whole costume to maximize his candy poll What did he dress up as? He dressed up as… A newspaper delivery boy… “Whaat?” “That’s really lame!” NO!!!!!!!!! It’s actually really smart and genius! Let me explain: With his costume he was able to ride a bike And that let him to go house to house quicker And it wasn’t so hard on his legs And also his costume had a built in candy bag ITS PERFECT! And I guess… By the time this video comes… It’s probably too late to change your costume… Soooo….. Maybe… Next year? Do you wanna know another strategy? Well here’s my secret… You have to TALK your way into more candy This is what you do: You dress up as a doctor or nurse And put your local children’s hospital logo on your chest You’ll carry 2 pillow cases I… I took pillow cases To go trick or treating Not those plastic pumpkin things… I don’t know if anyone else did that… And I would of biased to go to the next neighbourhood over Make sure no one knows who you are. Cause to use this trick you’ll have to liiiie…. Anonymity is key So every time you go to someone’s door You tell them these exact words Oh this? My mom works at a children’s hospital and I wanted to get some candy for kids who couldn’t go trick or treating Some of those kids man… Cause of their cancer they can’t have any Milk Duds or Whoppers. I don’t know if they can make it till Thanksgiving 90% of the time parents will give you a BIG handful of candy… For the kids And I guess now looking back at it you can say its WRONG and SINFUL But I’m not actually stealing from those kids I’m just using them to get more candy And lastly, my last trick to get more candy… You know those please take one candy bowls? heheheheh Hahahahaha HHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So those are my tricks for getting more candy for Halloween Do you have any more ideas? Tell me below in the comments Also I draw comics I don’t know if you knew that.

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  1. Sign: Please just take one
    Other people: oh only on peice of candy!
    Me: oh one hanful of candy! that’s what it means

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  3. Just dump the whole boll of please take one baskets or just say this my little brother couldn’t come so I am getting candy for him

  4. Dress up as the nun in an exact replica and be freaky and while they are confused. Take dere bowl, dump all the candy in your bag, AND RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIFE

  5. The trick is to have to bags one can be a backpack or something and the other can be any other bag, go to the house, get candy, the empty the candy into the bigger bag. Repeat, parents will think that you went to there house first and will give you slightly more candy. Those are my tips… Have a lovely Halloween! 🌙🦇🕷️🕸️😈☠️👻👽🧠

  6. And plus you could also switch costumes multiple times but you have to wear masks every time though so you won't be discovered

  7. Or you could put on a mask go to a house then when they shut the door take of the mask and you will get more candy

  8. im being a witch for halloween this year… if they give me bad candy, I'll curse them and beat them with my enchanted staff MWAHAHAHA!!!!!

  9. One time i went trick or treating and a guy acted like he was a manikin while he was holding the candy bowl and it said "plese take one" and i tried to take the whole thing and he scared the crap out of me.

  10. Pumkin things are not that good you dont have much room with a pillow case its easy you got more room for candy and its looks stupid

  11. Pro tip: Get some candy from trick or treating and then eat some of it so you have more energy
    R E A L
    But srsly try it when it’s Halloween

  12. what you gotta do is dress up as a dad if your tall enough then get however many helium balloons you want then put a sheet with eye holes cut out of them and put the sheet of them and give the balloons buckets or something tie them to a string and you have kids and a dad

  13. Don't be a jerk. If there's a sign that says take one only, no one will give af if you take 2 or 3, but don't take the whole thing

  14. my brother is retiring from trick or treating this year because he's so tall so people think he's like 18 and my mom comes with me trick or treating so i can't take more than one candy in a please take one bowl

  15. one some lady told me and my friends to only take 1 but someone took to and she grabed my friends hood and made her put it back lol

  16. I was with a group of friends, one of them wearing one of those giant inflatable dinosaur costumes. They were naruto running to each house xD

  17. Just have tons of costumes and when you hit one house just change into your next costume and get more candy from the one house you visited and do really cool tricks to get more candy


  18. I switch costumes… but I always make sure that:
    1. The first time I don’t dress up that great, (they will feel bad for you and give you slightly more candy)
    2. Wear a mask each time so they can’t see your face (or a hoodie if your hair is easily recognised)
    3. Maybe change the pitch of your voice a couple times so they don’t get suspicious
    4. Go around some of the times on a scooter or bike then it’s faster
    5. Stash your candy somewhere in your room and go around with an empty container each time
    6. Organise to do one of the rounds with your friends then all split into pairs and change buddies each time so they won’t see the same pair and you’ve got like a back up??…
    7. Don’t go around anyone’s house again if you know them well… like I have this 1 neighbour he does Halloween and he talks to us when we se him and he’s old but really nice like I’d say he just retired but he doesn’t look it he looks young… he’s actually 62 but he look like he’s 50… he’s alway really generous to me and my brother bc we know him well so we always try and do something nice for him like give him a happy Halloween card. He actually told us last Halloween if me and my brother draw some sort of Halloween thing for him then he’ll rate them out of 10 and he’ll give us however many singular packets of lollies of our choice last year I got an 8 and my brother got a 7… he’s really nice to us!!

    But yeah these are my tips! Enjoy them!

  19. Kids:I’m too old for trick or treating
    also kids: plays games with a teddy bear dancing and fighting to death with magical gliders

  20. There’s 5 neighborhoods near me and 1 house in all of the neighborhoods combined had king sized candy bars 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  21. Omg Odd1isout… that hospital worker ploy is awful, CRINGE, Egad! Arrrugh, horrible. I'm calling the Halloween Police.

  22. How to get the most candy bring a backpack run to the doors with the bowl outside and steal all the candy

  23. The bowls that always say take ome me and my sister always take the whole bowl like evry time we gi trick or treating and we still go even tho im 12 and she is 17😂😂😂

  24. how to get the most candy

    1 go trick or treating

    2 go home and change to a different costume

    3 trick or treat the same areas u went to

  25. Listen up all u amateur peasants legit incorporate a backpack into your costume ALONG with your normal candy bag, and every time you get your goods, put it in your backpack. The other neighbors will think you have less candy and give you more lol hacks

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