How to Find Suitable Soccer Ball Manufacturer for Small Business?

How to Find Suitable Soccer Ball Manufacturer for Small Business?

Hey guys, welcome to IFAN SPORTS
My name is Jeff. In this video I’m going to share 3 pains of
small soccer business owners when they import soccer balls. And then, I will provide 4 solutions on it. In the last part of this video I’m going to share an insanely detailed case study about how IFAN SPORTS help our customers launch a powerful project in real life If you are a small business owner or want to grow your soccer business make sure to watch the case study it really helps. OK, let’s get right into it. First,if you are going to
look for a soccer ball supplier good luck Finally, you found the supplier placed your order uh, good luck Actually I have heard so many similar things this is quite common for small business suppliers tend to be
more interested in big orders. So you may wonder are you different? Yes, we are different! It’s OK for small orders It’s OK for only 100 pcs or whatever we don’t care We do NOT want to only make
ONE deal with you. What we want is a long-term partinership. Yes, we like big customers but we prefer
helping and growing YOU our big customer. Stop selling designs everyone sales. Time to stand out from the crowd! Just send us your logo with cleats you will be surprised when you
look at your sales numbers next month We know that most customers
can not read or understand the artworks so why not forget it? We always have a plan B for you. Much easier to read right? Each production manager
from IFAN SPORTS is well-trained they are the experts From the begining to the end they will stand on your side concern what you concern care what you care guarantee the best success for your project So all you need to do
is just throw out your question and get replies in minutes This is true. Now, let’s have a short video to see how to launch a peoject in real life? With this logo and these colors what will happen? Yeah, here is the artwork. I know you don’t like it so why not burn it? So what’s the next? Let’s enjoy!

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