100 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

  1. wel EXCUSE ME for not playing soccer once in my life and taking any advice i can…. geez why the uneccessary comments?

  2. lol aww poor kid! he fell back! and i thought i would check this out cuz im in soccer rite now (i already kno how 2 dribble, i wasnt realy watching this 2 learn) 4 ppl who want help 4 stuff like this: i would advise u 2 rely on practice and not youtube lol

  3. first of all im a mexican american second im not ether of those things especially a blonde i just meant that its not nice saying ur gay i bet ur from the UK

  4. lol m8 if your going to insult americans at least use a term that makes sence. like 'fat' or 'spoiled' or ect.

  5. One additional note to the video, you should also practice dribbling using the outside of your foot. This will make your dribbling more flexible and will improve your feinting abilities as well.

  6. why does people think you're a good player just because you have an expensive ball, expensive soccer cleats, i know people without shoes who could beat up all those rich people's asses

  7. STFU u all noobs its american futbol dont u see they suck thats a 7yrs old lesson lol its called futbol not football or soccer its called fΓΊtbol …!!! its spelled the same as football but its diffrent and it came first fut from feet and bol from ball

  8. Love the end where the little kid tries to take the ball away from the actor. That was sweet. Goes to show a game can break out anywhere you drop a ball.

  9. i cant say it you dumb fuck..u gotta see it..and im not here to teach wannabes like ur ass.. if u wanna learn, then go play for a good club team

  10. good point but that is the worst way..tell me how a person can dribble the ball like its shown in this video full speed… if you know about the sport youll know

  11. people, stop complaining because this is a good starter on getting 'familiar' with your dribbling and keeping the ball under your control. You see Messi for instance, he controls the ball using simple dribbling manouvers but at great speed.

  12. ha ha ha…. Your number ONE step….is YOU NEED A BALL !!!…gosh, thanks for the tip…. I did not realize that until now ! πŸ™‚

  13. WOW!!
    u dribble with the outside of your foot not the inside!!
    lol you cant sprint and still keep control with the inside of your foot lmao WTF!?!?!

  14. Bullshit. Plus Why would you completely stop for a few seconds to look for options there's rarely enough time in a game to do that

  15. @lalalalololo321 you must really suck horsedick for complaining on someones complaint and then asking for tips so sarcastically by doing THIS, your defending the tip so im guessing thats how you think a balls dribbled too which again, sucks horsedick

  16. Hey guys. I'm brand new to soccer and need serious help. I'm a little nervous that my opponents are gonna be really good and are gonna make me look like a scrub. Can any of you guys help me out and tell me witch videos I should be checking out to get better at soccer? I'm on a travel team and I'm brand new. And tomorrows my first practice. Thanks! Anyone's help would be apreciated

  17. That tip is not always right cuz i watch my ball when im dribbling.i search an opening in their footwork and took the chance.

  18. 1:49 Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the kid is trying to get the ball but he failedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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