How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Take on the Defender in Soccer

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Take on the Defender in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy.
We are here with Expert Village and today we are talking about dribbling. We are going
to introduce some pressure into dribbling, and we are going to look at the basics of
how we take on opponent when we dribble the soccer ball. We have to remember a couple
of things here. When we take on the defender, we want to try and attack their front foot,
we want to try and get the ball into space behind them. So we try and get the ball past
their heels, we attack their heel side, and when we get past them, we have to accelerate
into the space. So let’s take a look. We push the defender and we get past their heels and
accelerate. We can just have a look at that again. You take your front foot and then go
past the heels so it accelerates into space. One more time by doing this, by attacking
the heels of the defender, it makes it very difficult for the defender to turn and chase
after the ball. It is important when we take on opponents, we identify the positioning
so we can try and fake by using varies turns and try to go to the heel side, and when we
do that we have to accelerate into space. So we are looking at dribbling the ball against
opponents with the basics..

100 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Take on the Defender in Soccer

  1. Defender looks like she's a bit challenged. Mentally.

    So does the attacker.

    I suggest getting new players who can think critically about where the ball is going and how to anticipate movement.

  2. @clasicalhater123 uuh everybody because you want to push the attacker to do outside of the field you faggot and al those suckers who thumbed up this guy

  3. fuck this im going to nikefootball…going to watch brazilian speed..italian accuracy…and spanish fine touch…i wont learn soccer from greasy americans

  4. ill prefer to choose your south neighbors league or the barzilian league then the stupid trying to learn but mostly i just find stupid americans teaching soccer now thats dumb

  5. what did that prove all he did was get around a girl ! barely even counts should have just done it around a cone xD

  6. I love how all these people from poor/underdeveloped countries critisize US soccer, especially considering we dominate at most other sports and US Womens team is consistently ranked Number 1. At least in the USA, we are good at multiple sports, and not just kicking a ball around.

    Show some respect for the sport and stop hating on others. Just play the game or shut up.

  7. For all the UNamericans complaining about this video , please post your own telling ppl how it's done , till then , don't hate 🙂

  8. that guy moves/carry the ball wrongly( with his instep. u supposed to lock ur ankle and be ready to make sharp turns. lol

  9. @LucasDiasTV Brazil is good at football. But here are the best football teachers: 1. Brazilians.
    2. Argentines
    3. Uruguayans

  10. @colddistrictype the only real american football players is Donovan.people will always make fun of the us football unless u come up with a decent football national team.c mon guys you re like 300millions you just need the 11 best + some a f***n world cup dooooood!

  11. @xander3v Lol. Nice retardation on you, dude. I guess you don't watch soccer, and have no idea who Dempsey, Altidore, Howard, etc. are The USA has a relatively high-ranked team, considering we've been in few world cups compared to others and we barely started a true league in 1993. People can talk as much shit about US football as they want. Doesn't make it true.

  12. @colddistrictype i watch football and i know all these players,they are good but not top class.yes the us has a RELATIVELY high ranked team,not a top class team.of course you have made progress comparing to 1994,but its funny how most of the tutorials are made by american "experts".idk why you got offended by the comments and started talking about poo/underdeveloped countries ( classic us sovinism).enjoy football but dont try to pretend experts.its ridiculous

  13. @xander3v Watching the game isn't the only way to judge the players. Stat systems helps as well. The thing is, these "experts" are pretty much that. These people attend academies that turn out professional players, or in general players who have demonstrated they can play the game well enough to teach others. Judging "experts" by people like Ronaldo, Pele (back then, anyway), Kaka, Messi, etc. is inaccurate because these players have demonstrated a special ability that comes with living-

  14. @xander3v the game is like comparing basketball players to people like LeBron, MJ, Pierce, etc.: these people are exceptions, professional or not. My point is that there are many professionals who have proven their skill. I mean, really, how professional do you have to be to demonstrate, like, a croix turn, for example?
    Sorry about making insults about other countries. But I'd really like to stop seeing so much hatred directed at a goodwill gesture (aka this demo vid).

  15. @colddistrictype u re right.( by the way,in my opinion the reason why all these people ( sometimes including me ) "hate" americans is us politics,nothing more.peace

  16. Tutorials can't really learn you play football.They can give you only basic knowledge about whats coming up if you face a DEF.However you can discover even w/o watching How-To guides.You need match practice,you need to train hard.Thats enough.The great footballers of the 80s-90s didn't even had an access to internet but some of them are legends now.Three easy steps to follow:Train hard,believe in your skills and abilities,never back down!

  17. why do americans even called it soccer the reason why it is called football it's because you play the ball with your foot and not with your arms get it americans ?! if not you guys could have called that sport of your armball

  18. I think that things like that are in the DNA …U can try to teach but when you play is different ……and about football teachers you forgot italians.

  19. @FullRNBsong yea i mean, the US womens soccer team is only like, Number 1 in the world.. no big deal tho.. And the mens team is making strides to get better each year but what do i know.. im only an American soccer fan.

  20. 1. I am american best in every league i've played
    2. don't stand at that much of a angle
    3. be on your toes not heels like in vid
    4.(defender) wait for other player to mess up
    5.use different moves when on offense…
    6. most defenders would be ready and actually run after the person… if you are going to tech make both side not look so lazy
    7.NOT all Americans are bad at soccer/football although it is stupid how we call it soccer and not footballl

  21. @wwwdotsoldotcom It is stupid we use our feet but yet it is soccer??? foot ball you use your hand… who ever said it is saoccer is stupid

  22. For your information… This video is made by TERRIBLE players. I live in US. Do not bad-talk my country. We, or some of us, are excellent soccer players. Keep in mind, this is an eHow video lol

  23. Two things you ACTUALLY need to dribble past someone.
    1) Speed (Acceleration)
    2) Strength (Balance to block the ball with body)
    3) Ball Control (Decent or better)

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