How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Shield the Soccer Ball

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Shield the Soccer Ball

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are talking about dribbling. Now we are
going to focus on shielding the soccer ball. There is a few things to remember when we
shield the soccer ball. The first thing to remember is we have to get our body between
the ball and our opponent. Now we are under pressure. The second thing we have to remember
is that the ball has to be controlled on the outside of the foot so it is further away
from the side the defender is approaching from. Let’s take a look. Always played in,
and Mark receives the ball with the outside of the foot, away from the pressure and defender,
as the defender comes around we keep it on the opposite side, shielding away from the
defender. We use the other side of the foot so the defender does not have access to the
ball. Our weight is placed on our back foot, so right now Mark is shielding the ball with
his right foot, using the other side of the foot, and he has his weight on the back foot
to try to shield the ball away from the defender. So once again shooting the ball, we have to
receive the ball on the outside of the foot, our body must be positioned between our opponent
and the ball, and we must use the other side of our foot to keep the ball away from the
defender. Defender comes around from a different angle, then we switch our body and we take
on the opposite foot, always remembering that we have to get our body between ball and defender.

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  2. well i just use my strength to shield the football if defender gets close i just use my shoulder to ease him off thats how your suppose to do it

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  5. playing football is a matter of you know or do not know you have an intimacy with the ball is so easy I played soccer all my life and I do not play as a striker but as a defender I'll make my own videos and build a canal dribbling and moves on

  6. @ronaldo2ronaldinho not even dude..i deal with people 6ft taller or smaller it just depends how you try and take the ball, try not to complicate it

  7. you call that covering? you call that a demonstration? i can learn better from watching soccer games and not bullshit like this.

  8. If you can make a better video than why did you look at this video which is to show how to defend ball , they took the time to do this
    You are just unappreciative

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