How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Step Over Soccer Dribble Move

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Step Over Soccer Dribble Move

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach at LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. Now we’re going to talk about some specific moves that you
can make. The first one that we want to do is called the step over. Where you step over
the ball trying to fake out your defender as you make this move. Watch Ryan demonstrate
it. Stepping over the ball, you can use this both ways, both with your right foot and your
left foot. Now watch Ryan as he takes the ball back, he’s going to bring this out of
a dribble and he’ll show you how to do this move.

86 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Step Over Soccer Dribble Move

  1. It's not as bad as you think, he just doesn't finish very well to get away from the defender. If he did that step over from the outside (instead of from the inside how C Ronaldo usually does them) with his right and then taps the ball off to his right with the laces of his right foot quickly he could get pass a defender, if you saw him to the whole thing quickly with the finish I just described you'd understand. It can work, I've done it before and seen it done by better players many times.

  2. thts a step over but th t mroe of a slashin step over this step over ibeleive is mroe effective the windmill stepover or the normal step over is only effective if u got quick feet otherwise its useless luck for me i got quick feet plus im 6'2''

  3. haha u fu**in americans suck at football, in europe and especially in england, thats what we learn when were 5 LMAO, go play "BALL" or eat burgers

  4. But still there was 1 Indian-Vikas Dharasoo. He played for the French National Team & EVEN played in the World Cup!!

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  6. Are you stupid dharasoo indian in a million years..his parents are African and he was born in france…indian=soccer doesnt match more like indian=cricket

  7. Ok smart guy, so who the fuck are you to tell us soccer sucks? You're not a fucking American, and apparantly you don't like football. So if soccer's so wimpy, what do you watch? Pro wrestling? OMG IT'S SOOOO REAL!

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  11. linas654 yu dont know i mean if yure good at doing it then it isnt "worth less" if yu know how to do it yu just need to have speed while doing it

  12. That is because the money is all in Europe 🙂
    but Europe as good players dont forget brazil is number one in the world but Italy is second

  13. erm…yes this is a right reverse stepover but it's not done very well. See this isn't going to fake out ANY defender unless he's a total noob. It looks like he's whipping his feet over the ball for fashion. No kid you're supposed to fake out your opponents not create a circling whip.

  14. this is a joke, that wont fool any defender, defender s will keep there eye on the ball, …. mate, the ball doesnt move! that wont fool nobody

  15. cmon guys the vid is cool, A KID, is showing you something just appreciate it or just don´t watch the vid

  16. Yet the best reslult you've gotten in the World Cup is third. Sure, that aint bad, but it was in 1930. Iiiiimpressive. I'm just saying, the US are not a big force in soccer yet, and it might take a while before you are.. =)

  17. Just a simple feint. There isn`t any special follow ups, since you lose your balance a bit by doing such a wide swing…

  18. I know this is a bad example and not a proper step over but i'm pretty fucking tired of people getting into a nerd rage over Americans…. all I hear is how bad they are, not every American sucks at soccer (football)

  19. @TimproXXy your are fucking wrong.i like American Football BUT soccer is much better 🙂

  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this a stepover? This looks like something Titus Bramble would attempt

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  22. @jayven009 no hard feelings but i think rugby is better and before you judge i am a 100% proud citizen of the United States.

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  26. @Cosc11 Not all americans are bad at football T_T it's just some jackass taught them wrong. Don't let EV stand for all of america b/c that would be f***ed up

  27. just because he cant do a reverse stepover doesn't mean all Americans who play soccer/football suck at soccer and i bet if a person not from america did the same thing you wouldn't say every one who plays the sport in that country sucks .

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