How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Scissors Dribble In Soccer

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Scissors Dribble In Soccer

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach at LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. We’re talking about dribbling and different moves that you
can make. The next move that Luis is going to demonstrate for you is called the scissors.
Another move to help you work on this. You want to work on it slow and gradually get
faster so that you can get better at it and beat your defender. Here’s Luis demonstrating
the scissors. Notice how he goes around the ball with both feet and then uses the side
of his foot. Just like the dribbling move we talked about using the outside of your
foot, sweeps across the ball and then does that. Go ahead and take that back Luis and
show us a little bit quicker speed. He’s bringing the ball up, this is how he even combines
some of the moves using the inside of his foot, using a roll over move as well as he
combines that with the scissors. You want to work on these moves to help you to advance
so that you can beat the defenders as you’re going around them.

72 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Scissors Dribble In Soccer

  1. thats actualy a stepover or samba bt americans love coming up with their own names for shit imagine if we called a shot a hit or smack wtf

  2. needs to improve his balance so it becomes more natural and then use his whole body. i'm a winger and use stepovers alot to buy time and put defenders off balance.

  3. u fuckin piece of shit.."SCISSORS"
    whu namd it… ur dad?
    u looser…….dats a step over which is supposd 2 be done 10 times faster
    OMG louis..piece if crap

  4. ya..
    rahmanrustaie is sooo right…n damn…u guys suck….this vidz r shit!!!! especially the football ones man!!! stop embarassin urself mate!

  5. Scissors and Step-overs are completely different. For example, with a right foot. Scissors would be clockwise. Step-overs are counter clockwise. Step overs can't really be repeated, but Scissors can.

  6. @jayven009

    america only gets most medals in their sports because no other country palys their shitty sports and america is the worst country on the planet

  7. nice video but i hate the fact that americans have their own naming system………when did a step-over become scissors?

  8. why are these americans teaching the world about football when they dosn't even like football. they're doing it wrong and then they want to teach the world

  9. hmm i do exactly what they say to do, in every video, but to me it doesnt feel right… it feels like when i completed the stepover, the ball is like too under me, or too close to my body, to continue my dribbling properly…

  10. man! this is a double-stepover!!! the scissor-move ain't that wide angle and you "hop" over the ball, so it's not so fast like a stepover. the stepover is the second step.

  11. wtf! ye americans dont no any thing about football! it a step over! not the scissors thats a complete diffrent thing!! idiots

  12. @MultiMrbilal i agree with u, in America football is soccer, because in America football is sport like rugby hahah

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