How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Roll & Cut Move in Soccer

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Roll & Cut Move in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are looking at some turns and moves with
dribbling soccer balls to take on opponents. We are going to look at a turn that rolls
the ball to one side, across the defender, and then we take it with the other foot and
cut inside of the foot, past the back of the defender’s heels. I have shown below without
pressure, first of all you roll across the ball and then cut with the inside foot past
the defender. Let’s see that with real pressure as shown by our demonstrators. We approach
the defender, you roll past and we cut with the opposite foot. We will see that again.
We take the ball, we roll it past the back of the defender and we cut with the inside.
So for this particular scale we actually need to use both feet, we take the ball with one
foot, we roll using the sole of the foot, and then we take it with the other foot, using
the inside of the foot to pass it pass it back of the defender.

94 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Roll & Cut Move in Soccer

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  2. LOL MAN when i saw the "demonstrater " run i thought he was gonna run to a guy but i was surprised a girl was there

  3. you guys are dumb , the girl isnt even supposed to stop the guy , how the hell you wnat to demonstrate a trick if you get stopped everytime
    use your fucking brain , itll get you far in life

  4. fuck expert village man only some videos are good and here this girl dosen`t know to kick a ball and so how will she defend?lol……this is fuckin shit

  5. I think that all the moves shown in those videos are nice but they need more complexity because I think that the defender will steal the ball in this case

  6. i think its good, the defender could take it, but not if you're fast enough. its just a demonstration. i don't think they would do it in that speed, if it was a real match. so for u stupid peps out there.

  7. @DalonMaxFonFon That's why USA is doing better than France and Spain in the WP and our women's team is awesome:P

  8. No surprise u (mark wilson) is british and not american cause us peaple REALLY don't care about FOOTBALL, usa doesen't have ONE good club team nor a good national team!

  9. I just found out something , maybe the academy is located in UK since he has a scottish accent but if you take a good look, United Soccer Academy will become USA, that means that their'e wannabe ameicans!! WHAT A GOOD CONSPIRACY THEORY…

  10. @18BLACKSOUL18 USA may be doing better than France but please have a bit of respect for France… France are past world cup winners, one in specific in 1998.. You cannot compare USA's overall soccer progress to that of France nor Spain plz…

  11. wat the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow he would try it on a little girl haha and she probably let him slide i think if she wanted to stop him she would…

  12. @Pivotist
    It's football in all of the other countries, but in America, we invented a different type of Football, so we had to stick with calling it Soccer.(We would have called it Football if we didn't invent a sport that already had the name)

  13. @shadowkirby1197 But i don't get in in "soccer" or football 95 percent of the time your playing with your feet and in "football" or nfl 95 percent of the time your playing with your hands…

  14. @Pivotist
    Yes, this is true, I don't get why we call it Football in America and barely use our feet except for the running and field goals and such. I think that was a VERY stupid desicion on our part, but what has been done is done. We can't change it.

  15. kkk he tries to demonstrate it dribbling a little girl. a this drible is really easy to do, noone needs a guy showin' how to do it

  16. @coolforeveralways Onde eu moro uma criança joga melhor que esse professor. e joga melhor que você tambem, seu noob.

    Where I live a child plays football better than the teacher of the video. And plays better than you too.

    Americans can not play football. this is horrible. you better go play basketball, does not require much of you … xD

  17. @OlihartonAlbania because since he is gay you look at the ball so you larn and when the move is finished you focuse on the girl which is in the middle so you see all the advertisements at the end

  18. they're probably not even trying in the videos, just saying… I have no opinion on whether americans can play football or not.

  19. seriously how big of an idiot are you americans play football a lot better than most country's in the world why dont you look up how america is doing in the world cup qualifying games. Top of the table so back the fuck away who cares if a child plays better than a teacher some people are just more talented than others look at other american sports nobody can play them better than us except for tennis and hockey we dominate in most olympic sports and we get somewhere in the world cup im not wrong

  20. @spmm427 america's better than most countries at football? You know how ignorant you sound? They play in a confed where their only challenge is practically mexico, honduras, and panama and somehow theyre the team to beat? I dont get it. The US wins the gold cup yet americans act as if theyve won the world cup. They really arent that good and if youre basing your comments off of past games you really are ignorant

  21. Current FIFA standings have America at 13th, above England, France, Mexico, Ghana, Sweden, and plenty of other solid footballing nations. If you think America isn't better than most countries at football, you're out of your mind- there are ~195 countries in the world, and America made it to the round of 16. Even calling that a 16th place finish, that puts them in the top 10% of footballing nations in the world.

    Before you ask others, ask yourself- do you know how ignorant you sound?

  22. Do realize that in the span that fifa points were calculated, the USA played more games than all the teams you mentioned? (Except mexico who is on poor form now). Therefore fifa rankings cant be used in a argument legitimently. If the usa were to play against all tge teams you mentioned theyd lose (except mexico). Dont believe the hype that the US is invincible or something. They really arent that good particularly on the world cup stage.

  23. A roll is slower if you are going to go the same direction. So if you roll it to the left side with right foot then the defender should go to that side, and will have a better chance of taking it away. Should just cut it if you are going to that side all of the way. If I wanted to roll it to the left and then use the same right food after the roll to push it back to the right to change direction then the roll would be more effective because your foot can already be on the left side of the ball after the roll to push it back to the right. You have to use the most efficient and quick move to beat defenders.

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