How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Matthews Turn in Soccer

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Matthews Turn in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy.
We are here with Expert Village, and we are talking about dribbling. And today we are
going to have a look at turns and moves to beat an opponent. We are going to look at
a turn called the Matthew’s turn. This turn I’m showing gets around our defender by taking
the defender on, dropping the shoulder and pushing the ball pass the heel side of the
defender into space. We can see that again. With the ball we the defender, we switch the
ball from one foot to the other, and then we push the ball pass their heels and accelerate
into space. It’s the Matthew’s turn. Coaching point for a player is that we must drop our
shoulder as we lead into the challenge, and then we switch to the opposite foot, taking
the ball past the heel for the defender, and accelerating into space.

75 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Matthews Turn in Soccer

  1. Sir Stan played so long ago, whatever you all say is a Matthews move, I don't think there is even that much film of him when he played his best but I know he was great. He was before most everyone else.

  2. No duh the defender wasn't trying to get the ball. It's a dang demonstration. If you're gonna comment on videos just to be negative, I strongly advise you to find somewhere else to do that, because it's certainly not welcome here.

  3. Watch Kubala from Barcelona. He was doing this 60 years ago. Any questions? Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just buy a soccer ball, and go play with friend on the street. Playing on the street with friends, thats the best teacher u can get.

  5. uau he is a exelent player soccer!!
    Que merda é isso nossa!!
    vem aki no campinho do meu bairro vc vai aprender ok é um elastico ou uma pedalada. ingles idiota. DA-LHE BRASIL (tomara né mano meses hehe)

  6. what training technique can a player use to better control the ball when shooting the ball at the goal. basically learning how to make the ball curve /change direction in mid-air.
    sumtimes i get it but its unexpected

  7. @SK17able
    I do not go to your country and insult you for not calling soccer. Our football is a different game (one where we dont use the feet very much – haha)

  8. @SK17able everything is relative. be respectful, there are over 200 countries in the world not all of them call it "football"!!!!!

  9. @dhrjellevz You can learn HOW TO do something infront of the PC, and then go out on the streets and practice it.

  10. @GodOvEpicness If new to football is being born after the II World War then yes I am. 🙂 I never heard of him, but after searching his name I found he's a football legend. Living and learning. Thanks for your wisdom 🙂

  11. he isnt american lol just take a minute and hear his accent. if hes american then he must have traveled in time from the 1700s

  12. I thought this would be a pro moves but its for begginers 😛
    Even begginers may learn it in about 15-60 mins no problems

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