How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Cruyff Dribble In Soccer

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Cruyff Dribble In Soccer

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach at LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. Another move that you can make is a cruyff. As you do this one
it’s making a move, stepping over the ball, pushing the ball behind your other leg. Let’s
watch Ryan demonstrate this. Just brings it back nice and easy. You always want to practice
these moves at a slower speed so that you get the technique correct and get your feet
placed in the right position. Notice how he rolls the ball back and then pushes it behind
him. Step, roll and pushes it. Alright now watch Ryan as he does it with a little more
speed. It’s a great move to change direction.

38 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Cruyff Dribble In Soccer

  1. the name soccer actually game from the association. It was abbreviated to assoc. and later socca-soccer. So in reality we have both names football and soccer. You should know that, being from the UK and all, learn your history. So the slang came from UK…

  2. Don't botter about this guys commenting bad things, i'm a guy from Brazil and i'm making a project to teach some kids and girls soccer, keep up the good work, congratulations!

  3. the kid is under pressure….plus if u think these videos r a joke..y do u watch them and type derogative comments?

  4. I love how the coach mentions he's doing this for EXPERTvillage and the kid can't do a basic move correctly. =D

  5. Wow, I can't wait for all you hater to release your own videos of these moves, since you are all so perfect. Are you on your country's team in the World Cup cause I'd love to see you play….

  6. WTF @ All the flamers on here. Sure he's not a soccer superstar but the demos are clear enough for others to learn from. I can't believe the crappy oval they are filming these on….I can't believe how long the grass is!

  7. this is not the cruyff turn! you do the cruyff turn by using the inside of your foot the entire time. never the bottom of your feet. you step over the ball, push it back behind the plant foot. then you either turn w/it or opposite.

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