How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Ball touch Soccer Dribble

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Ball touch Soccer Dribble

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach at LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. Right now we’re going to talk about dribbling in advance dribbling
getting a little bit more technique. What you’re doing you learn how to control the
ball and learn how to dribble. The first drills that we’re going to work on are different
kinds of ball touches, different moves. The first one is just a simple ball touch right
on the top of the ball. You’ll see the guys demonstrating this, just as they go nice and
lightly using the tip of their foot. The second thing you can do with this is you can go around
the ball. Around in a circle, nice and control keeping the ball right in front of you. A
third thing you can do is you do ball touches, is standing on one side of the ball. We’ll
demonstrate this slowly guys. You step over and jumping over the ball just as if you’re
jumping over a defender as you’re going down the field. Back and forth, go ahead and go
full speed fellas. Nice and easy. Another thing we can do is standing behind the ball
just working on our vertical leap. As well you can jump over the ball and back behind
the ball and over the ball and behind the ball. Keeping in control.

17 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : How to Do a Ball touch Soccer Dribble

  1. ball touch (bottom of foot/toes) is for endurance, balance (essentials for soccer) and helps w/ ball movement. i.e. pull backs or rolling the ball sideways even. stepping over is really just for muscle development (agility and speed). same for hopping over ball frontward and back. they are both just good to do for that reason alone and is seen in other sports (i.e. wrestling, karate, etc.).

  2. You're better off just running with a ball a lot. Helps get a feel for its movements and how hard your touches should be. It's what Messi did.

  3. If dribbling was just enough you'd have thousands of Peles and whom ever else. Though you may get used to it, there is more involved than just kicking the ball. most likely Messi still goes through drills like this in order to develop and keep physical condition. For a kid/beginner these drills help build physical balance and control. If a kid doesn't get weight distribution (just telling them won't do), betting on when they will stumble into it is bad coaching

  4. Why would you have thousands of Peles? He was the best of the best at this skill.
    You can be a very good dribbler and still be nowhere near Pele's level. Kid's learn weight distribution through experience of dribbling.

  5. Why Pele? I agree he is among the best, and part of it was his dribbling. I'm trying to convey the point that it takes more than just dribbling to be able to dribble. I dealt with this as a kid. I dribbled all the time and was really comfortable with the ball, but not quick or agile.
    I work with kids (ref./coach) they don't always get the correct stance and are often on their heels or flat footed. I see their weight on the ball. this helps ALL kids build upon a rock. get the idea and run w/it

  6. I get what you are trying to say and all coaches have their own methods so perhaps yours work. Personally I think that just practising dribbling will improve dribbling. With some guidance.

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