How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : Changing Speed when Dribbling a Soccer Ball

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : Changing Speed when Dribbling a Soccer Ball

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy.
We are here with Expert Village and we are going to talk a little bit about dribbling.
Right now we are going to look at changing our speed while we dribble the soccer ball,
and there is a few things that we have to remember when we do that. We have to change
our speed. If you look at our demonstrator here, we start off high taking lots of touches
on the ball, and then we get down low and we take fewer touches on the ball. Okay we
would just like to show that again. Again we are going to show our demonstrators starting
off high with his back straight, he takes few touches close to him and less touches
as he gets down low and accelerates. He has head up, he is looking where he is going,
and he is in control of the ball. We just demonstrated dribbling the ball changing our
speed. We start off high with our back straight, we take 2-3 touches and close to us. And as
we increase speed, the ball comes out in front of us, and we get down lower so we can start
working on our speed and taking the space in front of us.

93 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : Changing Speed when Dribbling a Soccer Ball

  1. 2 things:
    1st. I've seen 12 year olds dribble better than that.
    2nd. Once in PE, our coach told us to dribble the soccer ball, and a kid thought he meant bribbling a BASKETBALL, so he started running down the gym's court, " trying " to dribble it like a basketball. I said trying, because he could barely do that…

  2. man.. when ronaldo was young, this was easier than wake up '-'

    This is not dribble , i'm brazilian … come here to learn '-'

  3. First of all, it's football, not soccer. Americans think they now everything about football, but they don't. And the guy struggles dribbling the ball.

  4. idk why Americans (no offense) think that they dribbling the ball is a one two touch and then speed ? thats if your going to make a play or give your self a pass, but if you really wanna know what dribbling is watch a Joga Bonito video and compare the dribbles, its not if you can control the ball when you run is how well you control the ball when running and moving your self from point A to point B with one or two man on you …

  5. @FabianCamilo21 i am not an american but this isnt 1v1 dribbling its learning how to keep pace with the ball n some people say oh thats for babies but cant keep a good pace with the ball its just pace dribbling n that is a part of dribbling

  6. @matheus030698 You come to Europe to learn some decent English first 🙂 ah i'm sorry you're from Brazil, you're doomed to stay in poverty and primitive lifestyles for the rest of your life :$

  7. haters shut up he's not a professional world class football player like pele and ronaldinho 2 be compared with them! he's just a teacher just like how for e.g mourinho was a very bad player but is the BEST coach better than any1 in brazil stop being so arrogant

  8. @matheus030698 HEY, I'm a fan of Brazilian football, do you mind if you video tape like just one football game?
    I want to see the skill and speed you guys have! If possible, I want to see teenagers playing, cause I'm a teenager and so that I can learn from you guys! TYTYTY!

  9. @matheus030698 i feel u bro we play futsal in my neighborhood because my gf is brazilian and gave me the idea when i wanted to improve my dribbling at high speeds. I Am A Left Winger.

  10. @OneBlackNail obviously you are not going to learn it in one minute you meat head, it's to give the basic idea to beginers who don't even know the feel for the game, by practicing this simple tip repeatatively, that will improve there overall skill level. so not a waste of time

  11. @spudt44 :DDDDDDD what? are you talking about :DDD 5 year old know that you have to kick the ball omg your trying to be smart but thats not working for you man 😉

  12. @matheus030698 you should not judge a player by his nation. I am an Indian and i am just 14 years and you might be knowing that Indians usually don't play football. I challenge you that you are not better than me

  13. @ALLenROOK Does it feel bad that the one of them was doped in national matches and the other took the golden ball last year without being even in the list?

  14. @GPhoenixR21 He's clearly emigrated from Scotland… listen to the accent. Chances are you can't play football either.

  15. i dont get it..this is an irish teaching skills..what does it have to do with usa.

    Also, pls dont say americans. I'm american too. South American. I have nothing to do with the usa : /

  16. @GPhoenixR21 your retarded. I know the rest of the world is much better then the US, especially europe, id have to agree with you. But the Americans are not bad. How bout you europeans and Asians, and Africans, and South americans whoever you are stop mocking the US. How bout you guys try playing our version of football. Wed be saying, those dumb europeans look so stupid playing american football. They suck

  17. @GPhoenixR21 america might not be to good at soccer but we could beat other countries in football baseball and basketball

  18. @rapmili23 im not hitting on u im telling tht how other ppl tht r not americans r jerks cuz of seeng all of theese comments nd im sayin ur good at soccer

  19. these people arent american, the accent is wrong and "USA" means united soccer academy dumbass, he sounds european

  20. Those who dislike thinks that they are so good… but just face the facts.. why in the first place did you view diz video.. so *ahem*..

  21. @dddddddddddddddd4755 I'm not trying to affend, but i think hes saying in the way that they're not very good i'm not saying there crap im just showing you the definition of what he said

  22. Cherera, Football is more that skills, its about uniting the world thru a common love for the sport. Your loosing perspective of the big picture by creating diving lines man. No USA, South America, Irish BS. By the way Im from South America also.

  23. I don't get why everyone gets so offended at americans for using the term soccer, the word was invented by the english. haha

  24. All you other countries are just pissed that you can't invent anything people want like an iphone, computers, everything Nike they use in Premier League. We are richer than all of you, We are bigger than all of you, we have a larger army than all of you. We always bail you out in wars(France, quit surrendering). So yea, if you people think Americans can't play football, watch your mouth, we are only 235 years old, all of you countries clearly don't know anything and mooch off of us.

  25. It's called futbol ! Not football . Get your facts straight for people who think your funny . Futbol and football are completely to different terms .

  26. The comments on every single soccer video are ridiculous. Who cares if it's Soccer or Fútbol or Football where you're from. Who cares if the people in the video are from Ireland or the United States. Who cares if the people in the video are bad players or good players. The point of these videos is to help those who don't know, regardless of where you're from or your skill level. Soccer is the most played sport in the world, at least acknowledge the fact that people over the world are different

  27. thank u finally someone who actually notices america is north, central ,and south america not just usa

  28. Guys learn to play soccer the right way. Visit (Great vid really helped peaple) Thumbs up if you want to play better soccer

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