How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : Changing Direction when Dribbling a Soccer Ball

How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : Changing Direction when Dribbling a Soccer Ball

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson with United Soccer Academy.
We are here with Expert Village and today we are looking at dribbling the soccer ball,
and now we are going to focus on dribbling to change directions. If we just look at our
demonstrator here, we are going to use a inside cut. We are going to use the inside cut or
our right foot, which means we are actually cutting to the left. So as you can see, inside
of the right foot cuts the ball, so we can make a left turn. Our foot comes over the
ball and we cut to the sides of the ball across our body. To move to the right, we cut with
the left foot again, and then say cut, to know we are cutting with the inside of the
left foot to make our turn and change directions. Again we are dribbling the soccer ball, we
are just making a inside cut across our body. To cut with the outside of the foot, we actually
call that a outside hook. So we are going to us the outside or our right foot now, and
we are going to hook our foot around the ball. So we hook around the ball with the outside
of the right foot. As we can see, that is called a outside hook and we are changing
directions. The ball is always under control. Using the left foot again we bring our foot
with the toe down, we come across the ball, and we hook around the ball so we can make
a nice sharp turn to change directions. That is how we dribble to change directions using
a couple of basic techniques.

35 thoughts on “How to Dribble a Soccer Ball : Changing Direction when Dribbling a Soccer Ball

  1. jajajajajajaja you're very funny man, that would be useful when playing against my grandmother, you and your academy sucks

  2. Hey this is a great video. If you guys want to improve your skills its really all on you. You need to put in the work on your own time, you can't expect to go to practice once a week and become better. Check out my channel for more on becoming a better Soccer player.

  3. @Dante1Savage Why do you have to be so negative? Why do you criticize others when there is not much to criticize? He's doing his best to teach new players for their benefit, while you insult him for no apparent reason.

    Re-examine your thoughts, the way you act and change yourself, or else people like you will slowly degrade what the meaning of respect and humbleness is.

  4. This is a dribbling video for like what, 4 YEAR OLDS? I'm pretty sure that everyone knows how to change direction while dribbling a ball.

  5. the guy moves his hands like a gay
    youre not goin to fall is you do it right!!!

    i think im goin to look to the right guys.
    lio messi, cristiano ronaldo, or other profesional.
    look his foots movements!!!!

  6. American, please go play rugby, american football, basket ball, golf … you were not born to play football (not soccer ¬ ¬)

  7. @MrSpikeykid We came here to teach them the proper way. FIrst We must teach them its Not SOCCER, ITS FOOTBALL. Second, We say bad things to them so they will respond, Third, FREE THUMBS UP

  8. there is no fixed way to dribble…. Only the most comfortable style is the best way to dribble….

  9. @TheManGuyDude like I say, there is no fixed way of dribbling… dribbling is dependent on the reaction of your opponents…

  10. @MrBoomSonic like i say, if you can't do this, you can't dribble. And there's no use if you can't react to your opponent's movement by CHANGING THE DIRECTION of your dribbling.

  11. @TheManGuyDude like i say, there is no fixed way of dribbling, Once you see the movement of your opponents clearly, Even if I go straight, they will still won't be able to tackle the ball while I dribble.. dude

  12. @MrBoomSonic and if you need to change direction because they are tackling straight? you're gonna change the direction right? which measn you are gonna use the cut/hook which is exactly what this video is showing. Yes everybody's "style" might be different, you might choose to cut inside when a straight tackle comes at you and i might choose to hook outside but we all need to know the basic.

  13. You are so ignorant…. dont understand other cultures …. if you lived in West Scotland and wore a wee kilt in the middle o' winter you'd run like that tooo…. och Aye!

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