How To Dress Like a Pro Cyclist – What To Wear On your Bike

How To Dress Like a Pro Cyclist – What To Wear On your Bike

Here are some simple tips on what to wear
to get the most out of your cycling. Dress for where you’re going, not just for
where you’re starting from. If you’re riding up a mountain, bear in mind that the
weather could be much colder higher up, or if it’s going to be 30 degrees later in
the day, brave the early morning cold for a little bit. Conditions change when you’re
riding, so dress in a way that lets you adapt. Your shorts should be work next to the skin,
the chamois is designed for this purpose with your comfort in mind. Remember though this
means that you should only wear them once before you wash them for hygiene. Under vests are really important, particularly
when it’s cold, but right through to 23 degrees or so. You don’t want to get too
hot obviously, but they increase comfort hugely by taking moisture away from your skin and
no pro would be without one.   Always look for jerseys with full length zips,
it really helps with ventilation and can stop you overheating. Also, three back pockets
is essential to be able to take the right stuff with you. If you are set to experience changeable weather,
using lightweight windproof layers such as a gilet can make it more comfortable setting
out on your ride, as it is an item of clothing that you can take off and then stow in your
back pocket and save for later. Arm warmers can be rolled down when you get
hot, and leg or knee warmers removed and stuffed in your pockets. Gloves are a personal choice. For safety they
should really always be worn, but pros rarely use them in training. Finally, a good pair of glasses, not only
look good, but keep debris out of your eyes, the drying wind, and the sun. Pro tip: choose glasses with interchangeable
lenses for different conditions. Stick your helmet on, and you’re ready to
go. Baselayers are great, really comfortable .
Wear items that can be removed and stowed in your pockets like arm warmers, leg warmers
for example Vests are really effective at keeping you
warm but weigh next to nothing and sit in your back pocket.

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