How to Draw a Football Schedule in your Bullet Journal

How to Draw a Football Schedule in your Bullet Journal

hey it’s Whitney I wanted to show you
guys how I made this football spread in my journal so I’m gonna switch over and
describe kind of what I did but also take you on a step by step little
tutorial on how to make your own from your own notebook and your own team so
this is the schedule for Auburn – I put all the home games on one side and all the
away games on the other and I put little arrows connecting each one so it’s kind
of cool then I put actually where the games were with these little States
trace those in there and put actually where these away games take place so I
want to show you the whole process so you can make one for yourself I did this
on Instagram the other week and I did the Panthers schedule it’s a little more
condensed because they have a little more games but I have not obviously
haven’t finished this one but I just take you step by step on how to get it
all drawn out and how to separate everything and make it flow so let’s go
ahead and get started okay so if you go to this URL in your browser (in caption) and
you can save it to your own Drive yeah you can’t edit it here but you can
save it to your own Drive as long as you’re signed in so so if you’re signed
in you can go to file and then make a copy and then you can copy a schedule
calculate – thats what I’ll call it – and then now you can go in and edit if your team is
different or you’re notebook is different so maybe 12 teams that was for my Auburn
one yesterday and then you can change it if there’s 18 games it don’t show you
just change up the numbers so there’s 17 games in my case each of the ones is
going to be two squares tall, so I’m gonna lock two squares I did
right now they’re scheduled so I can look at home and away games so I know
that there’s 17 games I’e using the regular season and I know I’m gonna
have 3 rows (according that little spreadsheet) of extra rows up top if I make each one 2- high. Grab a pencil first and we’re gonna count out each of the two so I’m
going to start off with three up top that’s gonna be my heading area and then
each one is gonna be two below it so yes that’s 17 games and then we’ll number
these. Then we want to look at whether they’re home or away so this has
the vs. and the @. They’re color-coded the home ones
are blue and then the away ones are black okay so now I’m looking at the
schedule and I knew that these are gonna be the home in blue and then away is
gonna be the black so the very first one is gonna be home or away so I’m just
gonna put a little mark on here it’s gonna be away then home is gonna be the
second these are just kind of marking what page I’m gonna draw these on I’m
gonna go down and do the blue ones first so I didn’t realize they included the
bye week here which is fine I’m just going to put just like a one right in
the middle there they’ll be there by week so that’s four that’s where I got
confused and then five will be away six will be home in seven and then eight and nine will be
away ten eleven twelve make sure to wind up here thirteen
fourteen is all right so these are kind of areas that I’m wanting to draw the
schedules in to draw the opponents and I can just draw a zigzag line all the way
from the top to the bottom and then that’s where I’m just gonna letter the games. so start here I’m just going to draw a zig zag all right so now I’m gonna letter the
names of who we’re playing in pen this is actually (I screwed it up) Home & away are switch (but that’s why I draw in pencil first) so this is a way over
here this is home so I’m using a thicker tip pin here this
is the tombow mono drawing pen the thickest one they make and I’m just
going down and using the guide lines that I put in the middle as to where I’m
adding these team names so the left side is the away games the right set is the
home games and once I get finished I’ll use that arrow kind of as a guide line
to connect everything and this doesn’t have any of the postseason games or
anything this is just their regular season the 17 weeks is included and that
do have a little just space for the bye week with nothing there and I’m using my
favorite Helix ruler this is the one with the cork-back that I always talk
about to make the boxes around these you could do any kind of shape I’m just
doing a simple box and since there’s so many games here some of them are
overlapping but I think it kind of gives it character and now I’m just adding the arrows so
I’m kind of just mapping from game to game the order of the games and you can
get crazy here you can do whatever kind of arrows you want but I just love the
look of the – arrows alright and there is the final schedule so now you can
just decorate it however you please I’m gonna share a few that you have made and
share with me after watching the Instagram tutorial and here is a few
versions that you guys shared with me after my Instagram session make sure if
you do make your own schedule to tag @lifebywhitney because I want to see
your versions – but I love how this thing turned out and I hope you got some
help out of it definitely share it if you made this – alright so that is it I
hope you guys found that helpful this is how mine turned out at the end and all I
did was add the title up here there’s definitely room for more decoration and
everything this is how the Auburn one turned out so another video I’ll show
you exactly how to do these states and how to trace over and make these little
logos perfect but that is for next time if you like this
please like the video and subscribe and I will see you guys next time thanks so
much oh also if you shared it definitely tag me on instagram @lifebywhitney
I would love to see it and share it with my followers as well so thank you guys
so much for talking along I will see you guys next time, Bye!

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