How To Do the Neymar Roll Over

How To Do the Neymar Roll Over

Today we are learning an attacking move called
the Neymar roll over. Whats going on? Little dap! Its DJ Diveny, former college player, pro
freestyler and coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to sign
up for our free weekly email, watch our 200 plus free videos and register for an OSA Soccer
Camp near you! The Neymar roll over is a combination of three
attacking moves; roll over, step over and rabona. Neymar is one of the most crafty, innovative
players in the world. He uses his skills to beat defenders and dazzle
fans. Key Points! Key Point One. Roll Over. Use your toe studs to complete one full roll
over. Start your roll over on top the ball, not
on the side. The pace of your roll over should be at a
medium pace. If you roll the ball over too fast it will
be difficult to pull off the Step Over and Rabona fast enough. Key Point Two. Step Over Plus Roll Over Leg Moves. Immediately after you complete your roll over,
step over the ball with your opposite foot. As you step over the ball with your opposite
foot, bring your roll over leg around the back of your body to get ahead of where the
ball is going. Key Point Three. Rabona. With your roll over leg around the back of
your body you are in a position to start your Rabona immediately after completing your step
over. For tips on how to do a Rabona click there
to watch our OSA video titled How To Do a Rabona. Key Point Four. Big Steps, Not Small. If your steps are too small when you do the
Neymar Roll Over this will increase the difficulty. Typically small steps case the ball to get
stuck under your feet. Key Point Five. Accelerate. One you do your move, accelerate! Think slow to fast to create that extra second
or two of space from your defender. Key Point Six. Be Effective. In a game, once you Neymar Roll Over your
defender be effective with the ball by making a pass or shot. Dont just continue to do crazy random skills
with no purpose for instagram views. Or get your instagram views! I do that! Kidding. What I mean is if the game shows you a pass
or shot after you do your Neymar Roll Over and beat a defender, do it. Dont just dribble more for the sake of it. Exercise to Practice. An exercise to practice on your own is 10
Neymar roll overs on each foot with a finish. You will need a few balls, cones and a goal
or wall or fence. Before you get into the exercise first practice
how the Neymar roll over feels without the ball. Do the key points almost in slow motion. Think to yourself, Roll, Step, Rabona. Roll, Step, Rabona. Once comfortable get the ball out and practice
from a standstill and then accelerate. Have a slow pace, then medium pace, then fast
pace to your Neymar. As you feel more comfortable increase the
pace at which you do the roll over. Now do the Neymar Roll Over from a light dribble
and accelerate. Once confident now its time for the 10 Neymar
Roll Overs with a finish. Set up a start cone and a defender cone about
5 yards away. Dribble up to the defender cone and perform
your Neymar Roll Over within two yards of the defender. Then accelerate and finish. Repeat 10 times, then rest and switch feet. Whats Wrong! If the ball keeps getting stuck under your
legs its probably because your steps are too small. Take big steps. Exaggerate each step so there is plenty of
room! Bonus Tip! Know where you are. Be smart about when and where you use the
Neymar Roll Over. If your team is up by a few goals and you
are in the attacking third in a one versus one situation try the Neymar Roll Over! If your team is down by two goals, you have
three defenders around you and you have open teammates in scoring positions pass the ball
instead. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to sign
up for our free weekly email, watch our 200 plus free videos and register for an OSA Soccer
Camp near you! My name is DJ Diveny and remember if you Believe
in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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