How to Do the Matthews Cut | Soccer Lessons

How to Do the Matthews Cut | Soccer Lessons

Hi, I’m Deejae Johnson, I’m a soccer coach
in San Francisco. I’ve been around the game since I was three
years old. I’m a USSFA-licensed soccer coach, as well
as NSCAA advanced national coaching badge, and today I’m going to show you some soccer
tricks. This soccer trick is known as Matthews Cut. This is a cut where you would actually move
the ball. To do this, take the ball with the inside
of the foot, or the big toe, take a little touch, then push it by the defender with the
little toe. Do this in the space you created with the
big toe touch. Basically a big toe touch, followed by a little
toe touch, and thats it!

16 thoughts on “How to Do the Matthews Cut | Soccer Lessons

  1. danks dude looks like you are only getting a few views but that doesnt stop you from making vids thats great keep makin them

  2. I'm just learning soccer and I can't seem to grasp these moves, but you're videos are helping ALOT!! Thanks, and keep posting!

  3. Matthews didn't invent the – Feint either: he just made it both famous and popular because he was a big star that did it w/such precision and skill. Eric Brook of Man. City was a contemporary of Matthews that was stronger off of his left foot and primarily used the Shuffle to go around full-backs on his left/their right side.

  4. Brook was a fast, strong, physical wide-man and if the fullback didn't get out of his way as Brook started to accelerate past him Brook would just flatten him like a runaway lorry.

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