How To Do Juggle to Knee Bounce – Soccer Tricks

How To Do Juggle to Knee Bounce – Soccer Tricks

Today we are learning how to do an advanced
trick. I’m calling it the juggle to knee bounce. There probably is an official name
for it so I apologize for not knowing it. What’s going on? Little dap!
It’s Jared Montz, former pro and founder of Online Soccer Academy.
Tricks are a great way to challenge your skills and show off in front of your friends. You
probably won’t do this trick in game, but it’s fun to do.
Before you try this trick I recommend knowing how to do advanced feet juggling and a knee
bounce separately. Watch the OSA videos on the screen for help.
Key Points! Key Point Number One. Take a soft touch.
The ball should only go above your foot a few inches and not higher then your knee.
Key Point Number Two. Smash down with your knee.
As the ball is rising, smash down on top of the ball with your knee. A little hop is sometimes
necessary to get your knee over the ball if you take too high of a touch.
Key Point Number Three. Smash the Ball on the Rise, not the fall.
This trick is easier if you smash the ball down as it’s rising up, not falling down.
Key Point Number Four. Be patient and let the ball bounce.
Don’t rush your next juggling touch. Let the ball and gravity do it’s thing.
You have more time then you think. An exercise to practice on your own is to
start off doing this trick without the ball. This gets your body use to how it will feel.
Once comfortable get the ball out, do a few advanced feet juggles and then make it happen!
Do as many tries as you want! What’s Wrong!
If the ball is going far away from you then you aren’t smashing down on the ball at
the correct angle. Make sure you smash down on top of the ball with your knee to push
it straight down. Not your knee angled to push the ball forward.
Bonus Tip! It’s easier to do this trick on hard ground
or concrete. If you try a knee bounce in soft, thick grass it will be extra difficult to
get a good bounce. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! Click here to watch our incredibly helpful 200+ free videos, go here if you want
a Believe in it® shirt and go here if you are a coach and want to host an OSA Soccer
Camp. My name is Jared Montz and remember if you
Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe
in it®!

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