How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer – Learn How To Do The Single Scissors Today

How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer – Learn How To Do The Single Scissors Today

How to Do a Single Scissors in Soccer Hey guys, Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.
I’m here to teach you how to do a single scissors in soccer. Hey guys. All right. I’m here to teach you
how to do a single scissors in soccer. It’s one of the soccer moves I absolutely love.
If you’re wondering what the heck that noise is, there’s like a weed-whacker guy over here
for some known reason. I don’t know what. He’s like up on a mountain. Anyhow, excuse
the noise. So I want to teach you how to do a single
scissors in soccer. The basics of this, this is what it looks like when you’re moving forward.
You’re going around, around the ball, around the outside and then pushing it to the next
direction. Actually the people that I think do this the
best are actually the Brazilians. A lot of South Americans do this with real good flair
and there’s a reason why and I will explain that in just a second but single scissors. When you’re moving towards, you take one of
your feet. For you righties, I will do it moving to the right. You actually take your
opposite foot, your left foot. Wrap it around the ball as you go. So again, if you’re going
this way, you’re wrapping around this way stepping then transfer your body weight and
then push at the opposite direction. OK? When you first start out doing this move,
do it slow. You need to understand the stepping and the timing first before you can kind of
move on to making it really awesome and really effective and I will show you how to do that
in a second. So again, when you’re first starting out,
have a stationary ball. Start on the side. Again if you’re on the right side of the ball,
it’s going to be your left foot that’s going on the outside and then you’re pushing it
with your right. If it’s the opposite way, right foot outside and pushing it with the
left. OK? So just stand there. Get on your toes. Go
outside and then touch, then stop the ball. Then outside, touch, stop the ball. Outside,
touch. OK? You’re going to start bouncing. You’re going
to feel kind of the timing of it. When you get a little better, just go back and forth
like that, kind of in a rhythm. When you get a little bit better, then start doing it at
a little bit quicker pace because when you’re going to be playing at a higher level and
when you want to get there, you’re actually going to want to do this game speed and that’s
the big thing. I want to bring Chas out here so you can kind of see how to do this exactly. Now when you’re doing this move, you want
to do this maybe abut five to seven yards before you get to the defender and the reason
is because if you wait too long to do this move, he’s already stealing the ball. So it’s
going to come down to a timing thing and that’s why you want to learn not only to do the move
very, very quickly, but you’re going to want to do it kind of far away. So as I approach Chas, see how far away I’m
going before I do this because it’s also going to give him time to try and jump at the first
move I make. If you watch the other video that I will be putting up on how to be the
defender, it’s always about getting to the backside of the opponent and one way to do
that or to wrong step a defender is to actually force them to jump, which he did there and
then you move. So again one of the ways to do that is just
by going with pace and the main thing that I want you to learn when you’re going towards
a defender, when you start doing the move right about here, about five yards and then
as soon as you make your move, this is the one mistake everybody makes and thank God
that he stopped doing that is they will do the move. They won’t really sell it and then
they will just kind of push to the side and be like, “Well that move didn’t really work.” Well it does work. The problem is you need
to think of it in terms of like acting. You’re selling a move. It’s a soccer trick. So you
really want to get your body into it. See how much I’m leaning over and I’m really looking
like I’m taking that first step and exploding and the more that I make that happen, the
more he’s going to react harder and he’s going to jump farther and I already have the stepping.
So I will already be good there. So again, first thing you need to do, go about
five yards out. Really sell the move. Get low to the ground. Move your hips into it
and then as soon as you reach that, the last point I want to make is you need to jump out
of that and you need to explode into space. The reason is because you’re going to leave
the defender in the dust. Otherwise, he’s going to catch up to you and you don’t want
that. So those are the three basic things for how
to do a single scissors in soccer. Again when you’re going down the field, practice like
that, working your way down and get a partner like Chas or whoever that can kind of help
play somewhat of defense so you can kind of learn the moves of how to do that. So again, I want you to rate this video. Give
it some thumbs-up. Comment. Let me know what you like. Again we’re going to do some other
stuff where you kind of use the single scissors and build on some other moves and stack them
and also let’s see subscribe. If you want to check out how I went from riding the pine
which is not fun at all, I’m sure you know to actually being a game changing player on
the field, and playing All-American and professional as well, just click the link below the video
right now to get out some great tips that you can check out. So do that right now and I will see you guys
in the next lesson. See you.

100 thoughts on “How To Do A Single Scissors In Soccer – Learn How To Do The Single Scissors Today

  1. @epic soccer training
    for me i do scissor/half scissor really close and for some reason it works that way .. idk why you telling me do it from a far distance

  2. hey epic soccer training, i've watched ur vids and i can tell u that u're doin a great job i really loved these vids and ive subscibed u 😉 can u please upload tips and passing moves when the situation is like 2 vs 2? (apart from through ball ) thanku.. im really looking forward to it .. 🙂

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  4. I'm sure it'll work effective the way you're doing it but you're losing out on attacking a defender with pace so in transition the way you do it needs to be faster and more at top speed. But the move will work no matter what if you get the fake down. That's why I'm sayin do it at full speed. The idea is to get around a defender fast and blow past him. 🙂

  5. thx for the tip man ^^ i really prefer really close scissors cause the defender try to get the ball from me and just meg him :p works like a charm everytime

  6. He's like up on a mountain.. Anywhoo.

    I say anywhoo xD And my friends stare at me like I'm crazy. Good to know I'm not the only one.

  7. Just stopping too say i really appreciate you taking your time to help all of us out. I'm sure that everyone has benefited greatly from all of your videos and i thank you!

  8. that is actually a great observation, few sell their moves. a lot of people do not lean into their scissors, me included. i'll keep that in mind.

  9. 4 : 30 – lol random grandpa walkinf background!! But any way amazing video… itried it on my last tournament and i got it /10 time s right! Could you make a new video!!!PLSS!

  10. There are three things I wanna learn in Soccer
    1.How to balance between watching the ball and Watching the opponent (While in possession)
    2.How to do the Rabona Trick
    3.How to do the Rainbow
    Would be more than happy to know more tips 🙂

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  13. Hey Matt, what is the advantage of the scissors over a simple body feint to the side (stepping behind the ball versus flashing a scissors over the ball)? As a defender, any time I see someone flash their cleats over the ball in a scissors, my instinct is to keep jockeying back, not to bite at the flair with a tackle/challenge. The real key to any move is getting the defender to lunge or attempt a tackle and you explode in the other direction.

  14. Obviously I'm not Matt 🙂 but doing the scissors puts more of your body movement into faking a defender one way vs twisting your hips or dropping a shoulder. IMO it sells it a bit more. Sounds like you're a good defender, so if you continue to jockey maybe it still works better to wrong foot you – like Matt mentions in some of his vids.

  15. Hey shaymoose17, thanks for the response. I guess my point is I've seen a lot of dribblers merely flash their boots over the ball, like they were dancing, yet their center of gravity never changed. I'd argue that unless the ball moves, the center of gravity changes, or there is appearance of change of direction (i.e. hips/shoulders), a good defender won't/shouldn't compromise his defensive position.

  16.  Hi Matt.I am 15 now and I just had 2 years of high school soccer training.I play soccer a lot but I had not been trained earlier when i was very small. do you think there's still a chance i can be a pro player?I feel that i am better than the players in our team but obviously those who are in clubs are much better than me. pls tell me what i can do

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  18. Hey Matt, I have a really important question… If you played College soccer, did you have to have good grades in highschool to go and play for college? I live in Canada 🙂

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