HOW TO DO A SIMPLE, COOL FLICKUP | Learn Ronaldinho football skills


what is up guys pwg hair back with another freestyle tutorial last week I taught you guys a Ronaldinho flick up and today we got another run of Dino flick up and it’s the easiest one out there this is what it looks like since this move is quite simple I’m only gonna break it down into two steps the roll and the flick as for the roll all you need to do is roll the ball with the sole of your foot towards your other foot aiming at the toes for the second and last step you need to lift your toes as the ball is approaching to get that flicking motion to get the ball up into the air even though this is a simple trick with only two steps there’s a lot of ways that this could go wrong Frank if you move the rolling leg out of the way when you do the flick you’re just gonna hit the leg like this second you don’t want the ball to hit your heel you want it to hit your toe like this not like that and lastly you want to get the speed exactly right so you can’t go too slow you can’t go too fast go too slow it’s like this go too fast and you’re out of the game [Music] for some of you people out there this might be too simple but you can use it as a base to spice it up a little bit by adding another trick firstly you can just do an around the world after you can also spice it up eldini Oh style by catching it on hamstring or you can add a healed 360 into the mix and it will look like this [Music] [Applause] [Music] so that was it for this video hope you learned something new and if you didn’t hope at least you enjoyed the video and if you did leave a thumbs up and a comment down below or what trick you want to learn in the next video also subscribe by clicking the green bubble somewhere up here also check out the freestyle playlist to learn some other freestyle tricks and until next time see you guys

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