How to Do a Self Alley-Oop | Basketball


Now, ladies and gentlemen, Mister 540 is here. He’s in the building. He’s just doing all of an array of dunks. I’m almost speechless here, I don’t even know
what to do anymore. Now, you’re going to take a page out of Spud
Webb here, right, and show us how you execute the self alley-oop, right? Now, the self alley-oop, you’ve seen it before
in many dunk contests, usually a guy takes the ball, he’ll throw the ball up in the air,
alright, having it bounce somewhere in the vicinity of where the basket is. The ball bounces up in the air in a range
where he can grab the ball and he can dunk the ball. Alright? Now, this self alley-oop, you can get pretty
freaky with it. Mister 540 is going to show you how nasty
he can get on a self alley-oop dunk. Let’s show ’em. Oh! Reverse off the self alley-oop. Let’s see what else he’s got. Oh! Windmill reverse off the self alley-oop. Oh! Tomahawk slam dunk off the self alley-oop. Now, sometimes the self alley-oop is used
for players, maybe you’ve got smaller hands, you can’t really palm the ball to get up there. Self alley-oop is great for that. You can allow the ball to bounce up. You can get a nice cup on the ball and slam
dunk it. That is how you use a self alley-oop to execute
a great slam dunk.

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