How To Do a Neck Stall

How To Do a Neck Stall

Today we are learning how to do a neck stall. Whats going on? Little dap! Its DJ Diveny, former college player, pro
freestyler and coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. The neck stall is a cool trick to help work
on your skill and body control. Don’t try it in a game or you may get your
head taken off, but have fun impressing your friends before practice. Key Points! Key Point One – Make a Pocket. Using your head, neck and elbows you will
make a pocket for the ball to stall. Key Point Two – Bend forward. At your waist, bend forward as if you were
trying to make your back as flat as a table top. Key Point Three – Keep your head up. Pick something in front of you to focus your
eyes on. Your head up position helps create a wall
by that the ball can rest against when stalled on your neck. Key Point Four – Elbows back! Pull your elbows back as if you were lifting
weights. Key Point Five – Use your hands to place ball
on neck. Use your hands to place the ball on the back
of your neck. Center it and try to not take your hands off
of it until the ball is still. Once still, remove your hands and immediately
get your elbows in the elbows back position. If you have a partner or a coach have them
place the ball on your neck. This is an easy way to get started neck stalling. Coaching tip! Most players keep their head down when they
try the neck stall. Grab their hair softly and pull their head
up when you adjust them. Key Point Six – Use your foot to get the ball
on your neck. This is advanced, but when you are ready stall
the ball on your foot, flick it up and then stall it on your neck. For tips on how to do a foot stall click here
to watch our foot stall OSA video. The key here is to time the ball as its coming
down. Dont let it just hit your neck and hope it
stalls. Instead imagine catching an egg. If you catch an egg like this it will break. If you catch an egg by cushioning it works
better. With a neck stall from a ball out of the air,
you need to cushion it in. I recommend doing your cushion in movement
at the same speed the ball is going. Start your movement right as the ball is about
to hit your neck. Exercise to Practice
To practice on your own start slow and build up to the end product. Get your body use to how the neck stall feels. Once ready get the ball out and place it on
your neck. Stall it for as long as you can, rest and
then try again. Once confident and you got it down using your
hands try the neck stall from a foot stall or a thigh juggle. Have fun! Bonus exercise! Its called neck stall it. Like you see it, you neck stall it. Lemons, shoes, books, whateves. As long as it’s not a catcus, neck stall
it! What’s Wrong! If the ball keeps rolling off your neck after
you throw your elbows back you are looking down. If all you see is grass underneath you, you
are looking down. Look up! If the ball is rolling down your back you
are too straight up. Bend forward at your waist to make your back
more in a table top position. Bonus Tip! Have a friend video or take a photo of you
from the side. Then analyze your form as compared to mine. That will help you visually see what you may
be doing wrong. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! Click here to watch our incredibly helpful
200+ free videos, go here if you want a Believe in it shirt and go here if you are a coach
and want to host an OSA Soccer Camp. My name is DJ Diveny and remember if you Believe
in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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  1. Hey man nice tutorial I has a question. I started playing soccer like 5 years ago, and I were always shooting with my left foot (I'm also left handed if it matters..) and after some time I just felt more comfortable with my right foot, and right now when I'm trying to shoot the ball with my left foot it feels like I just can't do it, I have no power. Should I remain at the right foot or should I try to shoot again with my left foot?

  2. HELP 🙁 hi, I have TRIALS in 2 days and currently i have sore calves which affect my performance. I feel the soreness when i walk jog or run. Whats the best way to get rid of it before the trials?? I really need to be fresh. And should i train these days prior to the trial? Thank you, please reply as soon as you can 🙁

  3. Hi love your videos I just want to know if there's any good colleges for soccer and if this channel is and actual college how can I join

  4. Hey! Great video guys, DJ you're dope!
    I play high school soccer(JV) and wanted to be ready before my tryouts this year in March. I'm pretty good at dribbling and can beat a defender most of the time, but I'm not very fast, so the defender usually catches up to me, and I lose possession. Any tips?

  5. So my coach puts me in goal which I don't like at all but om pretty good I'm goal. I prefer to play LM which I'm also pretty good at. I'm 12 and am improving at a steady rate. I would like to get better faster so my coach can see he needs me out of the goal. I practice about 4-5 days a week. I'm also very fast. Thanks for the help!

  6. Neck stall is so easy and pointless lol it’s funny that I used to think it was so badass and only super good football players could do it back when I was younger.

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