How To Do a Matthews in Soccer


Today we are learning how to do a matthews
in soccer. Whats going on? Little dap! Its Jared Montz, former pro, collegiate national
champion and coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to watch
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exclusive for your club too! The Matthews is a classic attacking move to
get past a defender. Its simple, its effective its the foundation
for many other attacking moves. Key Points! Key Point One – Small Push Touch Inside. Using the inside part of your dominant foot
near the base of your big toe push the ball inside a few inches. With this part of your foot touch the ball
here. Not here. Its a small push touch, not a big touch. Key Point Two – Sell the Fake. After you touch inside drop your shoulder
and sell your fake. Dont be like your selling cracker jacks at
a ball game or something… Popcorn, get ya Popcorn here! But sell the fake. Dont be all up right and un athletic. Get low and put your shoulder in it. Key Point Three – Touch Outside with Outside
of Foot. When you take your touch outside use the outside
of your foot, not your toe. Your touch should be forward at an angle,
not straight forward into the defender. Beginner level players tend to turn their
whole body in the direction they are running and use their toe to take the touch. Lock your ankle, point your toe up and hit
the ball with the outside of your foot to the side going forward at an angle. Key Point Four – Take a Big Touch. When you are trying to get past a defender
and you have space to run into, take a big touch. Not a small touch. Why you may ask? Let me tell you three reasons! First reason to take a big touch. So you can escape a defender! If the defender sticks a leg out as you go
by them they are more likely to foul you versus getting lucky and stopping the ball if you
took a little touch. Second reason. You can get your eyes up! If you take a small touch your eyes will stay
down on the ball. If you take a big touch your eyes will be
up taking a mental photo of the field. Third reason. You can run faster! Typically most players run faster without
the ball than with the ball. Key Point Five – Accelerate Past Defender. You took a big touch, now run fast past your
defender! By going fast you create that extra second
or two of space before the defender can catch up with you. At the next level that second or two is all
you need to make the magic happen! Dont be all gansta like and slow walk it past
your defender! Key Point Six – Plant Foot to Side and Behind. When you take your touch inside your plant
foot should be to the side and slightly behind the ball. Dont over think this part, but your foot should
be roughly here so you can push off your plant foot and be in an athletic running position. DO not step too far to the side! That puts you in an awkward, un athletic running
position. Exercise to Practice. For an exercise to practice on your own you
will need a ball and three cones. Before we get into the cones practice doing
Matthews touches with your dominant foot for 30 seconds in a row. Start slow, get your rhythm and than speed
up. Rest for 15 seconds and then repeat for 30
seconds. Do this a few times. To challenge yourself try to stay on an imaginary
line with your touches. If you find your touches moving you forward
you are probably keeping your plant foot in line with the ball. With your plant foot in line with the ball
you cant touch sideways because your foot is in the way, so you are touching the ball
forward. You dont want that. Make sure your plant foot, the non touching
foot, is behind the ball so you can take your touches sideways. Your foot should be moving side to side when
you take a touch. Once youve got a few 30 second reps try a
single Matthews with acceleration from a stand still. Once comfortable get out the cones, dribble
slowly to the middle cone, do your Matthews and accelerate to the top cone. The middle cone is your defender. Light jog back and repeat 5 times. Whats Wrong! If your touch is going straight forward instead
of at an angle forward you are probably using your toe instead of the middle of the outside
of your foot. Remember to touch the ball here with your
foot, not here. Bonus Tip! Be confident when you do a Matthews! Dont be surprised when it works. Expect it to work because youve been practicing. If you make a mistake, no big deal! Just get back on defense and win the ball
back! Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to watch
our incredibly helpful 200 plus free videos and sign up for our free weekly email! You can also register for an OSA Soccer Camp! Coaches we have an option to host an OSA Camp
exclusive for your club too! My name is Jared Montz and remember if you
Believe in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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