How To Do A Chest Trap In Soccer – Perfecting A Chest Trap In Soccer

How To Do A Chest Trap In Soccer – Perfecting A Chest Trap In Soccer

Hey guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.
I want to teach you how to do a chest trap in soccer. So this is, I think, one of the
funniest traps that people do when they do it wrong. So I want to teach you the basics
of actually how to do it right. So what you want to do is think of it like
if you ever played that egg tossing game where you throw it to your partner and you kind
of have to cushion it, that’s the same thing you do with any trap in soccer. So it doesn’t
matter if you’re trapping it with your foot or with your neck or anything like that. You
want to actually kind of brace the ball. So again, I’m going to have Chas kind of throw
one here and kind of show you what you want to do. So when you chest trap it, chest trap it with
either the center or if you want to have kind of a little bit more control, I would move
it up a little bit to the side. For me, it’s the right side is where I like to chest trap
and so go ahead. A little bit higher. So again, just chest trap and you will see me kind of
like I will kind of take some of the power off of it which will help it drop down so
that’s usually if I’m going in the space. But if I’m chest trapping right below me,
just let it hit you. You don’t need to like throw your chest out or anything like that
because you don’t want to go ahead. You don’t want it to just go too far out. So again, you want to really just try and
kind of brace the ball and then throw it right back down to your foot. So yeah, go ahead.
So that’s the basics of how to do it and then what you want to work on, go back and forth
with a partner or with a teammate or something like that. Then you want to start working
on trapping into space, trapping where you want to go because a lot of times, if there’s
a defender coming straight at me, I don’t want to chest trap it right here. You should
see him coming and then if you need to chest trap it away and get away from him and go
into space. So those are some of the things you need to
be concerned with and really practice because that’s what’s going to enable you to kind
of have what they call like a sticky foot on the ball but obviously in this case, what
that means is you’re keeping the ball collectively right near you. It’s always within a yard
radius where you always have control of the ball and that’s what you want to do with a
chest trap. So remember that you actually let the ball
do the work. You don’t need to always just go after it or anything like that but just
let it hit you and just drop right down or if you need to go into space, turn, hit and
go into space. Just think of it in terms of kind of like angles where you want to go with
it. So again, that’s how to do a chest trap in
soccer. If you’ve got any comments or anything, leave them below in the comment box. Also
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checking that out. I will see you guys in the next video.

82 thoughts on “How To Do A Chest Trap In Soccer – Perfecting A Chest Trap In Soccer

  1. yeah most people just learn the basics wrong so if you can learn to focus on where you want to chest trap the ball and what area you SHOULD be chest trapping it you'll be much better off…thanks for the comment and likes guys!

  2. ehm a tip for all matt forgot to say.You can practice chest trap good on a wall and from crosses with frend.And i would recommed youre guys to watch knee trap too it's on his channel btw great video!

  3. Nice technique mate ! I really want to improve my overall technique, do you got some good excersises for me with only a ball and a wall? Thank you

  4. that's why you gotta pull back to take some power off of it and trap it in the spot i'm telling you so you can pull back your shoulder and drop it down…great question though…you'll get it!

  5. Yeah i have wall drills in the entire course but yeah you can translate most of these drills for the wall definitely. Touches is key…just be creative!

  6. yeah I will for sure but unfortunately I'm rehabbing a torn quad injury so striking for me is a bit hard to do videos…I did all these with a ripped quad muscle so I'm just doing easier and lighter videos for now πŸ™‚

  7. Thx for the reply so I'll be looking forward to the shooting video in the future. Hope the leg heals. ( I just noticed I made a pun with looking forward and shooting videos.)

  8. Hey Matt I have a probleme. I cant buy the soccer training cuze i dont have a credit card and my rents dont buy stuff off the internet so what do you suggest i do?

  9. well there is a certain art form to that one for sure…when I rehab my quad back to 100% I'll work on one for you guys!

  10. Hey Matt! great stuff all videos are very useful keep it up & I'll subscribe soon. Just wondering, could you show how to trap ball with your foot on a long ball/pass or perhaps even head the ball properly but with control.

  11. I'm a freshman that just recently started playing on our jv team. These videos are awesome because they show me a lot of fundamentals I didn't know, keep it up man!

  12. maybe you can do a video where you shoot a ball with power and the ball curls in the opposite direction from your follow through? i think its called an outswerve. not really sure.GREAT VIDEOS BTW!!!!!!

  13. One thing to take into account when you do that is that you have to exhale air at the moment the ball hits your chest. You think of your chest as an airbag. By doing that you KILL the ball. TIP by Enzo Francescolli (One of the greatest Uruguayan Players)

  14. I am trying to play soccer again competitively in college man, and your videos are really helpful!! Keep them coming. By the way, are you still playing professionally?

  15. Dude thank you for all your videos they help me a lot! my team wasnt ranked at all but now that i am doing your tricks and moves were ranked in NJ! Keep up the good work. Also you should start a club! But thank you my skills improved i might try out for a ranked 15 team in my state and make it thank you πŸ˜€

  16. Whenever people volley the ball to me I usually chest trap the ball but it bounces off my chest too far and then the opponents take the ball and I trap it the same way you do what should I do?

  17. i play under 14 and im the captain with 20 goals in 6 games and now my managers want me to take frees…. what is the best way to get the perfect shot to top corner ? πŸ™‚

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