How to Dive Properly as a Goalkeeper

How to Dive Properly as a Goalkeeper

Today we are learning how to dive properly
as a goalkeeper. Whats going on? Little dap! Its PJ Steiner, former college goalie, youth
coach and coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to sign
up for our free weekly email, watch our 200 plus free videos and register for an OSA Soccer
Camp near you! First Ill show you what a goalkeeper dive
looks like. Then we will break it down. Key Points! Key Point One. Training Bounce. Have a training bounce in your ready stance
for a shot. You are NOT hopping, but you are bouncing
up and down to stay on your toes. Key Point Two. HopStop. Perform a hopstop. From your training bounce imagine the shooter
is bringing their leg back. When their leg goes back is when you perform
your hopstop. A hopstop is a small hop forward to help cut
down the shooters angles. The hopstop is not a jump straight up into
the air. The hopstop is a small hop forward. Remember the hopstop is a small hop forward,
not a big hop like you are doing a standing long jump! Key Point Three. Feet Shoulder Width. When you land from a hopstop your feet should
be shoulder width apart. Key Point Four. Power Step. After landing the hopstop you will perform
a power step. A power step looks like this. The power step is a step in the direction
of the shot. For example if the shot is coming from the
right side you step forward with your right leg. Its called a Power Step not a Power Lunge. Make sure you look like this, not this so
you arent off balance before your dive. Key Point Five. Explode. The leg you step forward with for your power
step is the leg you want to explode from into your dive. The power step leg is where all your power
in your dive comes from. By exploding into your dive you create momentum
in your body moving in the opposite direction of the shot. Momentum in the opposite direction of the
shot means more chances you keep the ball out of the net if the ball hits you. Just because you are diving off of one leg
it does not seem logical that you would dive farther, but its true. They even did a study on it! Cool stuff if you are a nerd like me! Key Point Six. Hands Lead Body. When you dive your hands should lead your
body. Your dive should look like this, not this. Key Point Seven. Match Height to Ball. For your dive height, like diving on the ground
or in the air, it depends on the ball. If the ball is coming at your waist height
then your dive will be waist high. If the ball is coming low, like on the ground,
your dive should be just above the ground. Attack the ball with force when you dive for
it. DO NOT fall like a tree. Exercise to Practice. For an exercise to practice we are going to
do some diving. You will need your goalie gear, a cone and
one ball. Before we get into the diving lets get your
body use to how this will feel and break the dive down into steps. First practice the steps of the training bounce
to the hopstop. Do this a few times. After you feel good with that practice the
steps of the power step to exploding to a dive. After a few dives combine all the steps from
training bounce to exploding to a dive. You dont need a ball yet because I want you
focused on the dive technique, not the ball. Once confident place a ball one body length
away from your cone at a 45 degree angle. Next, do 5 dives to your right side and 5
dives to your left side. As you feel confident in your technique increase
the distance between the ball and you. Increasing distance will help you improve
your diving length. Whats Wrong! If you arent getting enough power in your
dive you might be taking too big of a power step. Experiment with the length of your power step. Not every goalkeeper has the same length of
step. But remember its a power step, not a power
lunge so dont take too big of a step. Bonus Tip! Yell keeper! To train your communication skills and scary
yelling voice, yell keeper when you dive. Yes, most keepers are crazy so even if you
arent crazy, you want to at least sound crazy and be scary when you scream, KEEPER! Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video. Visit Online Soccer Academy dot com to sign
up for our free weekly email, watch our 200 plus free videos and register for an OSA Soccer
Camp near you! My name is PJ Steiner and remember if you
Believe in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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  1. Good technique for learning..we hope more about goalkeeping as techniques'movements and required fitness trainings

  2. Problem is the power step method of diving does not get you an Oliver Kahn like launch angle. It great for moving laterally but not so great in getting you to fly.

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