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What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of Today we are learning how to defend in soccer.
Specifically how to defend against fast attackers. We are indoors today. Our location is Pelican
Athletic Club in Mandeville, Louisiana. Soccer defense will not be an easy to practice
defending soccer by yourself but you can do it. It will be more of a mental exercise with
in a physical exercise. If you are not as fast as the attackers you
are playing against, then you need to be faster mentally to get the edge on them. First we
will set up the exercise and then I will give you a few tips on how to be faster mentally
and read the game quicker then your opponent. Soccer Exercise Player Can Do:
Stand in one area, that will be your start cone. Imagine you are standing next to an
attacker you are defending. Then pretend there is a midfielder about 30 yards ahead of you.
They are going to play a ball over the top into space for their attacker to run onto.
That midfielder thinks their attacker is faster then you and they will beat you for speed.
We need to stop that from happening. The exercise is, you stand there, on your toes, then as
the imaginary attacker is about to pass it, you take off running into space. Run about
20 yards, then come back and repeat. Do this 10 times. [Music] [Soccer to play] [Music] [Defenders Soccer] Key Points:
Key Point 1. Stand goal side of your defender. Make sure
you are between the defender and the goal. Key Point 2.
Don’t get right on his back. Stand an arms length away with your arm out making contact
on the defender. If you are to tight on him, he will turn you and use his body to spin
you. Key Point 3.
When you see that midfielder put their head down to pass the ball over the top you start
running in the direction it’s going. Get a 1-2 second head start on the forward turning
and running. Don’t wait for the ball to be kicked and then run. That’s when the
attacker will be running. You need to start before she does. Key Point 4.
When you turn and run to chase the ball down, push off your attacker. Don’t foul them,
but give them a little push. That pushes them backward and you forward. Don’t push them
like you are trying to start a fight, but a little push off that is disguised in your
running technique when you take off. What Football Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
If in a game an attacker is constantly turning you and beating you to the ball then you are
to tight on them. Don’t be right up her back. Give her an arms length distance so
that attacker feels pressure but it gives you a few steps head start. Also don’t be scared to be physical and
give a little push off as you take off running. Bonus Tip!
Yes, you can improve running speed but at some point you are not going to be able to
go faster. Where you can go faster and constantly be improving your speed is in your mind! Think
fast in your mind and that will increase the chance of you successfully defending against
fast attackers. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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