How to Defend 1v1 When Player has Back to You

How to Defend 1v1 When Player has Back to You

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inbox on Tuesdays! Today we are learning how to defend in a 1v1
situation when an attacker has their back to you. Everyone needs this video but if this looks
like you, you definitely need this video. This OSA video is sponsored by our parent
company Believe in it® Apparel. Our mission is to inspire athletes if you Believe in it®
and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. If you are a Motivated
Athlete, I think you will love our Believe in it® shirts. Shop at Defending isn’t about being the strongest,
faster player out there. Yes, speed and strength help but the best defenders are the smartest
and they are patient. I highly suggest you watch our “How to Defend
1v1” video prior to watching this video. You can watch it here. This will cover the basic
key points to 1v1 defending. Let me set up this scenario for you. My goal,
the one I’m defending, is behind me. The attacker is going backwards, away from my goal. Is
this attacker dangerous? No! But this is what most players do. They
hear fans and parents on the sideline saying win it, win it, rip his head off! What is
this going to be? A foul, that’s correct. Now the attacker has
a free kick. Is this attacker dangerous now? Yes, and who’s fault is that. It’s my fault. The other problem with being to tight on an
attacker’s back is you will get spun. In this position you can’t see the ball and a great
attacker will use your body against you and spin off of you. Now it’s time for Key Points. Key Point #1: Be an arm’s length away. This will give you
a good guide on how close you should be on the attacker. Notice you are still tight on
them, but now if they turn you can see it coming and you are less likely to foul. Don’t pull their pony tail or their shirt
or put your hand on their shoulder. Just have your arm out as a distance guide. Key Point #2 Stand sideways, not straight on. Key Point #3 Be patient. If the attacker is going away
from your goal you are doing your job. Remember that. A lot of players, including pros, get
in trouble here. They get impatient, try to win it and end up fouling the attacker or
get spun. If you hold up that attacker for a few seconds
what are your teammates going to do? Usually someone is going to come over and double team
the attacker you are holding up. But that can only happen if you are patient. Key Point #4 Let them make the mistake. They have to make
a play, you don’t. If you are holding them up you are making a play. When they try to force a play and make a bad
touch or have the ball a little to close between their legs then YES by all means get a foot
in and win it. Key Point #5 Use the basic 1v1 defending key points in
our “How to 1v1 Defend” Online Soccer Academy video. Key Point #6 Run with the Attacker when they turn. Lots
of times when attackers turn, defenders dive in and get beat. Yes, if you think you can
win it then step in and win it but more times then not it’s best to turn and run with the
defender and win the ball that way as you have a few steps on them because of your angle. For this exercise you will need a few balls,
4 cones and a partner. Set up a small field with two cone goals and
all the balls behind one goal. If you are lucky enough to have lots of cones then make
sidelines, if not don’t worry about it. The goal with the balls is the defending side.
The defender passes the ball to the attacker, runs out and closes them down. The attacker
puts their back to the defender and freezes. The defender should be in proper 1v1 position
for when an attacker has their back to them. Once in correct position the defender says
go. The game is live and the attacker tries to score while the defender tries to win it
and score or kick it out. Repeat this a few times, rest and then switch
with your partner. Coaching Tip!
If you are a coach watching this instead of having the defender say go, you can say go.
Make sure you don’t say go until they are in correct position. For example don’t say go in this situation.
The player is not standing sideways in proper position. Correct them, have them stand sideways
like in Key Point #2 and then say go. Some things that could be going wrong. If
you are constantly getting beat in this situation you are to tight on the attacker. Be an arm’s
length away. DO NOT get to close and let them spin you. Fast attackers want you close so
they can spin you and beat you with their speed. They don’t want you patient and in
good defensive position because those aren’t good odds for them. Bonus Tip: Be confident. Believe every tackle you will
win the ball or make a play. Don’t go into a tackle with a “hope to make it” mindset.
Yes, you won’t win every tackle but you need to believe 100% you will. Have this mindset
and you will win the ball more times then not. If you make a mistake, so what. Just react
positive and get on with it. We all make mistakes. Bii Athlete Shout Out: Big shout out to Coach Kent! Kent was a Believe
in it® Athlete spotlight in a recent OSA eNewsletter. He coaches youth soccer in Alabama
and we greatly appreciate his time and energy for the sport. Thanks Coach! Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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100 thoughts on “How to Defend 1v1 When Player has Back to You

  1. Hey thanks for making these videos because now since I watched this my coach put me defense they didn't score for 4 games

  2. You mentioned that standing sideways on is always a good idea. I'm confused about this… if you were standing sideways, what if a tricky winger turns and plays the side you aren't facing? You're already beaten.

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  4. I am a defender , i used to play average , but after learning your tips I have become one of the best defenders in my college , thanks for your tips . Players need a young motivational coach like you . Thanks

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  9. Hi, question. If you stand and defend sideways, would it not be a weakness because if the attacker somehow sees your stance, he can then just proceed to the side where your back is facing?

    Also, i'm sure you have a great reason for it and i'd still follow your advice any way. If i'm standing sideways though, the foot closest to the attacker is the dominant leg or no?

    Ps,I really love your videos btw. I think it's very useful. I'm late 20s switching from basketball and this is really helpful

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  16. Good key points but the practice is unrealistic. The attacker has no need to turn when receiving the ball in that situation. The attacker would run at the defender as he was closing the ball down, so the defender would be defending facing the attacker. Try a player serving into an attacker with the defender already touch tight, in defensive position to then prevent them from turning, and work from there. Put another player at the other end for the attacker to play into.

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