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So you want to learn how to curve the ball well in this episode I’m gonna give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to hit those bending free kicks Generally speaking hurling the ball with the inside of your foot is one of the most common and popular Shooting techniques in football as compared to other techniques like knuckle balls It’s relatively easy to learn and very consistent in game situations But don’t get it twisted it takes a lot of practice so if you’re expecting to me recklessly learn this technique Overnight without putting in thousands of hours of hard work This is not the video for you But for those of you out there Prepared to put in the work stick around and let’s start from the beginning And you want to start with a proper run-up to the ball Which means having a beautiful angle to the ball imagine that the camera is the goal? I would probably approach the ball From an angle someone like this people who tend to go for more straight run-up Usually go for a knuckleball or just a pure power strike, but that’s not what we’re working with today also I’ve seen tons and tons of tutorials where people give you exact steps take five big steps back To to the side, and you’re good to go honestly It doesn’t matter how many Steps you take back once you get into the technique a little bit more you will find out the distance and the exact angle That works out for you because the only thing that really matters here is that you have an angle to the ball this will help You shooting the ball in the right way that will put some curve the ball So which part of your food should you use to strike the ball basically you want to keep the ball with the instep area? Right around here It’s basically the area between your toes and the very inside of your food now a lot of people Shoot their currently free kicks or try to shoot their curling freaks with the inside of your foot that you use for passing and that Will not generate enough power for the ball to go over the wall into the top piece so when you’re about to make your Initial contact with the ball make sure that your ankle is locked and your toes are pointing upwards you want to point your toes Upwards like this make sure that the ball not only gets a beautiful side spin But also a little bit of top speed this will that the ball actually goes over the wall and dips beautifully Into the top corner and you want to strike the ball somewhere around this area the lower half Slightly on the side to actually give the ball that curling movement We are looking for two other things worth mentioning make sure that the whole movement Starts from your hip just like this you want to have some nice momentum When you approach and shoot the ball Nobody has ever shot a nice free kick just by swinging their leg and having their hip not working together with them You can see from this This is never gonna work out what you want to do instead is approach the ball from a nice angle and have your entire hip moving and creating some nice Momentum also your non kicking foot your standing foot has a very interesting role in this technique Normally when you pass the ball. Let’s say the camera is do I’m trying to pass the ball directly to you You are used to having your non kicking foot pointing directly Towards your target, but in this case I’m actually gonna have my standing foot pointing slightly away from my targets Why is that because with this technique? We are trying to generate side spin, so I’m actually trying to aim Somewhere over there, and hope that the curve is gonna kick in and the ball is gonna Actually end up directly towards your target now the last piece of the puzzle is the follow-through What happens after the short moment your foot is actually in contact with the ball and here we basically have two Schools of thought we have the people who just let their entire leg swing freely like this And then we have guys like myself who tend to stop Their follow-through a little bit quicker my planting food actually makes a pretty funny looking Movement it basically drags along the ground and I land back on my kicking foot some people shoot their free kicks like this and They’re planting food stays in the same spot all the time But for me the movement is something like this you can basically go with whatever version You feel comfortable in but the important thing here is that your entire leg actually? Continues the movement, and it slices across your body to make a circle like this this will once again Help you give the ball Some curl some sideways spin that we are looking for and it almost happens naturally as you are approaching the ball from the side anyways also It’s very important to lean over the ball a little bit if you are leaning back the ball will end up going all The way over the goal, which is not something. We are looking for And That’s pretty much it for the basics next up I wanted to give you some extra tips and my tip number one is to practice your free kicks shooting against the wall This is a great thing to do because obviously when you kick the ball Towards the wall you will always come back to you And this is great because you can actually get more repetitions in less amount of time which is crucial because repetition is Everything when you’re practicing your free kicks. It’s not going to help you out knowing in your head how to shoot free kicks? No, you need to repeat the same movements thousands after Thousands of times and shooting against the wall is a great tool for that Especially if you only have one ball with you when you’re going to the pitch another great tip is to analyze how? Professional footballers are taking their curling freaks the Internet and YouTube is packed with free get ghost from the world’s best Footballers so use all that free information to analyze and see how other people are doing it Also, the next point might sound a little bit weird But try filming your own free gigs and when you get home analyze the shots that work Good ones that were bad. Normally you can spot the difference Now onto some common mistakes that a lot of people do when they stop Practicing their curving free kicks and the number one thing I see people doing wrong is that they only generate backspin to their shots Instead of getting that beautiful side spin to the ball backspin is obviously an enemy because it will make the ball float in the air For a long period of time which is something we don’t want We need the ball to go up over the wall and come back down Into the top beams now if you find yourself only generating backspin to the ball You’re probably doing one of these things wrong number one your toes are not pointing upwards And you are shooting the ball too much with your toes like this you need to have your toes Pointing upwards for the ball to have a nice side and topspin as well number two Follow-through and especially not following through at all trust me. I see so many people following through their free gigs like this That’s not how you follow through when you shoot a free kick that’s how you chip the ball That will only give you backspin which once again is an enemy so make sure you follow through So let’s summarize a little bit make sure you have enough angle on your runner Point your non kicking foot slightly away from your target And hit the lower half of the ball with your instep As you hit the ball make sure your upper body is leaning over the ball your ankle is locked and your toes are pointing slightly Upwards to give the ball some topspin as well and finally follow through by continuing the movement with your leg across your body So that’s basically it for this curving free-kick tutorial I truly Hope you guys enjoyed this episode and my last piece of advice is for you guys to stay consistent with your training Trust me when I tell you the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you go back to that training Ground every single day to work on your shooting technique It doesn’t matter what fall you have it doesn’t matter which football boots You have or don’t have the only thing that matters is that every single day go to the training ground to get in those 203 kicks and you do that year after year, and that’s it I’m gonna cut it right there Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode if you still have some questions Make sure to leave them in the comment section right down below if you enjoyed this video and wanna see more make sure you are Subscribed to our Channel and before you go. 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