How to CURVE a BALL | Take AMAZING Free kicks!


free-kicks the skill everyone wants to master today will show you how to curve the ball over a wall and into the top corner you’re watching all attack [Music] technique use the area between the inside of your foot and your laces to strike the ball this will give you the power you need to get the ball over the wall and pass the goalkeeper hit the lower edge of the ball with your foot following through upward as you strike [Music] really try and practice this low to high motion [Music] what you want is a spin that somewhere between side spin and top spin this will create the curve you want but also help your shot tip under the crossbar game tips tip number one visualize before you begin your run up look at the goal and decide where you want to shoot visualize your strike and imagine it flying into the top corner [Music] tip number two angle your run up before your run up make sure there’s an angle between yourself and the ball this will help you put curve on your shot tip number three aim for curve when taking a free-kick remember that your shot is going to curve so if you aim for the corner it may end up going wide instead aim for a spot that’s a little more central and trust that the curve will do the rest [Music] tip number four ball placement don’t put the ball in a hole instead try to place the ball in a spot of grass or dirt that’s slightly higher than the surrounding area this will make it easier to get underneath the ball tip number five watch the goalkeeper watch the goalkeeper to see if they’re cheating toward the near side of the goal sometimes the best option may not be over the wall but to the far corner practice the most important part of learning free kicks is practice we recommend spending 15 to 30 minutes a day working on your free kicks if you do this consistently you’ll see a lot of improvement after just a few weeks [Music] remember it takes years to become great at this technique so the best way to learn is to go out everyday and do it yourself although even with all that practice you’re still not going to score every time alright everybody thanks for watching if you could make sure leave a like down below that’ll really help the video out and while you’re there you can subscribe leave a comment or check out another video by all attack

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