How to Curl a Soccer Ball

How to Curl a Soccer Ball

Hi guys this is Massimo from best soccer
tricks dot com. Today I’ll be showing you how to curl a soccer ball. Alright so
basically the theory behind curling a ball is not so much to aim for power but
you want to be able to wrap your foot around the ball so that you can get that
curl. Right now I have a goalie in the net. It doesn’t really matter if you have if
you want to practice it without a goalie or not but the important thing is is you
just want to master that curling technique so that when there is a goalie
you want to be able to curl it around him. So I’ll show you now how to place
your foot. Basically when you’re running up to take the shot you want to go at
the inside and basically you’re wrapping your foot around the ball. So, when you
get that kick already you see if I’m doing little, little shots now already
you’re seeing the ball is beginning to curve.
I’ll show you that again so running up to the ball that’s how I’m placing my foot So basically, you’re already seeing that
if I take that shot, the ball is going to start curving. So now I’ll take a few
shots to show you guys what it looks like in real time. [Player demonstrating how to curl a soccer ball] So you see that curl every time the ball
is in the air it has that spin on it, that’s what you’re aiming for. You want
to be able to try getting it on the sides over the goalie, you want to curl it
around him. Remember, always about positioning that foot so you can get
that perfect curl and you score more goals that way it’s a very good
technique. ­[Soccer curling kicks] Remember, it’s not about power when
curling the ball you want to make sure you get that right curl on the ball, wrap
your foot around remember [Soccer player showing how to curl a ball] So that was the drill on how to curl a
soccer ball. It’s a great way to trick a goalie. Remember, it’s not about power
but it’s about wrapping your foot around that ball so you can get it around the
goalie. Also very key in curling the ball is when you’re taking free kicks if
you happen to be the free kick taker, it can be very useful. I hope you guys
enjoyed it thanks for watching and hit that like button. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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  1. Okay tomorrow i have sports if we played football I would do that on a free kick and pass goal I’m grade 3 I play against grade 4

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