How To Control a Ball Out of the Air Off the Bounce

How To Control a Ball Out of the Air Off the Bounce

Today we are learning how to control a ball
out of the air off the bounce! Whats going on? Little dap! Its Jared Montz, former college player and
coach with OSA Soccer Camps and Online Soccer Academy. There are many different ways to control a
ball out of the air. Controlling a ball out of the air off the
bounce is just one of them. This is what it looks like. Now, lets break it down. Key Points! Key Point One. Get in Position. Lets say you want to take your touch left. As the ball starts to come down turn your
body slightly left. Your plant foot should be turned slightly. As you turn raise your dominant foot about
knee height and position it to the side of the balls flight path down to the ground. Key Point Two. Bend your knee. The knee of your receiving foot should be
bent, not straight! Key Point Three. Foot over and angled. As the ball is coming down towards the ground
move your foot from the side of the balls flight path, to over it. This movement to position your foot should
happen right as the ball is about knee height on the way down to the ground. Your foot should be at an angle facing the
direction you want to go. In theory the ball should deflect off your
foot into the space to your left. Key Point Four. Lock your ankle. Your ankle should be locked and your toe up,
not down. If your ankle is loose like jello the ball
wont get a good bounce off it. Key Point Five. Let the ball bounce! Let the ball bounce off the ground. When its going up towards the sky it will
hit off your perfectly placed angled foot and go to your left. Key Point Six. Give it a push. Immediately after the ball bounces gently
guide the ball with the inside of your foot with a push. If the ball is traveling too far after your
touch and you wanted to take a small touch, you are probably kicking the ball too hard. The ball already has plenty of momentum as
it falls to the ground. Instead of kicking it to the side, simply
guide it in the direction you want to go with a delicate push, not kick. Who makes the choice in the game on how big
of a touch to make? You do, not your coaches. You do. Do what the game shows you. If you are in a tight space with defenders
nearby then give it a little push to take a small touch. If you have lots of space with no defenders
nearby then give it a bigger push to take a bigger touch into space. Key Point Seven. Accelerate! Change pace after you take your touch into
space. Go from slow to fast to help escape from defenders. Exercise to Practice. Start off without the ball to get use to how
this touch will feel. Break it down into steps. Step one, toss up an imaginary ball about
head height. Step two, get into position as you imagine
that ball starts to come down. Step three, move your foot over the ball. Step four, let it bounce and take your touch
into space like a champ. Do this a few times. Once comfortable, get the ball out. Start off with the ball in your hands and
toss it up about head height then control it off the bounce and accelerate. Do a few reps. As you feel more confident start to challenge
yourself. Throw the ball higher and try this touch from
juggling. Also practice taking your touch in different
directions, not just to your left. Whats Wrong! If the ball keeps bouncing up past your foot
before you can take a touch, you are not getting your foot into position quick enough. Remember, as the ball is travelling down towards
the ground once its about knee height is when you need to get your foot in position and
over the ball at an angle. Bonus Tip! If you are on a terrible, rocky bumpy, dry
as a desert field then I advise not letting the ball bounce before you take your touch. This way you can control the ball better out
of the air versus risking the ball hitting a rock or something and taking an awkward,
bad bounce. Second Bonus Tip! If you do have to take a touch off the bounce
on a rocky field then when you position your foot over the ball with your knee bent, try
to have your knee over the ball as well. This way, just in case you miss the ball with
your foot, your shin can still control the ball towards the ground in the direction youre
intending. Advanced Bonus Tip! Lets get crazy. Three bonus tips! Check your shoulders while the ball is in
the air. You do this to take a mental picture of the
field so you can see where the space is. If you see defenders to your right and space
to your left control the ball left and away from the defenders. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
video! Click here to watch our incredibly helpful
200+ free videos, go here if you want a Believe in it shirt and go here if you are a coach
and want to host an OSA Soccer Camp. My name is Jared Montz and remember if you
Believe in it and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it!

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  1. I have a question, does the ball have to bounce on the ground first and then make a touch while it's starting to come up? Or make the touch before it touches the ground?🍎🍏🍎🍏💚💛💙🔥🍹🐛

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  3. Jared, I LOVE your videos. You explain things so cleanly and crisply on things that are so essential. I wish I could have watched these videos when I first started playing. PLEASE keep up the great work!!

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  5. U should have also included controlling with outside of the foot as well as a turn directly from the air after it bounces

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