How to Control a Ball in the Air | Basics

How to Control a Ball in the Air | Basics

[Music] [Applause] you’re watching our tack [Music] [Applause] [Music] controlling a long pass out of the air and bringing it down to the ground is one of the most difficult skills for beginning footballers today we’ll talk about controlling balls out of the air don’t let it bounce when a ball bounces it becomes more difficult to control a bouncing ball often provides opponents a chance to fight for possession getting there before it bounces allows you to control and protect the ball before defenders arrive [Music] if you get there just after the bounce keep the ball down with your foot chest or head move to the ball most long passes will not come right to you so you must move to the best position for controlling the ball if a pass is coming to your right or left move to the side to control the ball if a pass is too high move backward allowing you to control the ball with your chest die or foot if a pass is too short get to the ball as fast as possible allowing you to control it before it bounces [Music] make a soft landing once you get to the ball use your body to create a soft landing for the incoming pass slow the ball down by quickly pulling your body away as the pass arrives this will help absorb the impact [Music] and allow you to softly control the ball with your foot die or chest creating a soft landing helps keep the ball close to you bring it down to the ground and continue the attack [Music] [Music] all right we hope you liked that video if you did make sure leave a thumbs up down below along with the comment with anything you’d like to see us do also don’t forget to subscribe and to check out other videos from all attack [Music]

100 thoughts on “How to Control a Ball in the Air | Basics

  1. I once tried to control a drop kick but missed it
    Do i need to control it directly or wait it to jump off to be less high then control it

  2. Admint…I'm from Indonesian…
    I like video from u…
    Kalau bisa ada tex bahasa Indonesia…
    Jadi bisa dimengerti 👍👍

  3. If the ball is too short and you have space you can let it bounce once and control it the before the second bounce.

  4. I don't speak English very well but i love to watch your video because it's very simple to understang what you say and it's also helpfull for guy like me.
    Thank a lot Bro!!!

  5. please, can you give us an Indonesian translation because the problem is that you don't understand English

  6. How are you gonna know if the ball wont get to you so you have to move to it therefore?or how are you gonna know it’s gonna come to you directly?

  7. Thanks so much for your family and your mom are going to be projected date of Kashmir oppression of Kashmir

  8. Me: watches this
    Me: thinks it isn't that important and goes to another video
    Me: plays football and has difficulty in getting a decent touch
    This video: You could not live in your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me

  9. Wow i really learnt alot and i have been having difficulty in controlling ball sometimes but i hope that one day i will control ball very well thanks dude 👍👍

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