How to Chip like Messi

How to Chip like Messi

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Messi has such a delicate touch when he chips the ball over goalies and into the back of
the net. In this video we are going to learn the soft,
short chip that Messi does. In another video I’ll teach his other style
which is more of lob, push, flick type of chip. If you want to learn to chip for height and
distance like this that’s a different style. Watch our “How to Chip a Soccer Ball” video
here. This OSA video is sponsored by our parent
company Believe in it® Apparel. Our mission is to inspire athletes if you Believe in it®
and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible. If you are a Motivated
Athlete, I think you will love our Believe in it® shirts. Shop at Description This style of Messi chip is great for scoring
goals and chipping the ball short distances. Key Points: Key Point #1: Lock your ankle and point your toes back towards
your shin. How do I know if my ankle is locked? Good
question! If I were to come out of the internet cloud and slap your foot with my hand and
your toes stay up your ankle is locked. If your toes fall down to the ground like a soft
old grandma who has arthritis then your ankle isn’t locked. Sorry grandma, I love you! I love you so much! You want your ankle hard like a rock so when
it hits the ball it bounces off your foot. It’s loose like jello your foot will absorb
the power and the ball won’t go far. Key Point #2: Make contact underneath the ball. Key Point #3: Power comes from your knee down. It’s a little
movement from your knee down; not a giant leg swing. You do not want a straight leg Key Point #4 DO NOT bring your thigh back to far. This
will create to much power. Yes, if you want to chip like this for more
power you could by bringing your thigh back farther but that is not what we are trying
to do when we chip like Messi. Remember it’s a small, soft touch. Key Point #5 Stick the ball of your foot into the ground
on your follow through. Your kicking foot should be next to your plant
foot or slightly past it when you stick into the ground. DO NOT have a big follow through. Your foot should look like this. Not this. Besides almost karate kicking someone in the
face by following through high you will have to much power on your chip. Key Point #6 The ball should have backspin. Equipment Needed:
For this exercise you will need as many balls as you have, one cone, a goal and some type
of object to act as your goalie. The object can be a bag or a bench. If you don’t have
a goal, no prob, just use some cones like I’m going to do. I’ll set up this exercise like you don’t have
a partner, but if you do then use them. Exercise Player Can Do: Start off practicing your technique from a
stand still without the ball. After a few swings get the ball out and continue practicing
from the ball being at a stand still. Once you are confident try it from a dribble.
The same technique applies on the dribble, you just need to time it now with the ball
moving. Now that you have it from a dribble lets try
it on goal. Set up a start cone about 25 yards from goal. Dribble up at a jog pace, imagine
the goalie is coming out as you get closer, then Messi chip the object you set up to be
your goalie. Light jog back and repeat the process. Go through all the balls you got
and then repeat. Do a few sets. Start your dribble slow and as you feel more
confident increase your speed. Baby steps, don’t go to fast to early and mess up your
chip technique. Bonus Tip: Give a shot fake to get the keeper to fall
down before you chip it over them. Ever wonder why goalies always look like they
are laying down when Messi chips it over them? That’s because he gives a fake like he is
going to shoot low and hard, the keeper dives, Messi waits for them to dive and then he does
his soft, short chip. He makes it look easy and you can too. What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: Some things that could be going wrong. If
your chipping it over the goal or past your target then you are swinging to hard. Remember
this is a soft chip. If your ball doesn’t have backspin then your
ankle is not locked and your toes are not pointed up and back towards your shin. Bii Athlete Shout Out: Big shout out to Joel Fruit! Joel was a Believe
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