How To Catch A Soccer Ball On Your Neck – Learn A Cool Soccer Neck Catch

How To Catch A Soccer Ball On Your Neck – Learn A Cool Soccer Neck Catch

Hey guys. Matt here from Epic Soccer Training.
I want to take you through a video for a question I get asked a lot and that’s how to catch
a soccer ball on your neck. One of the best tricks I like doing with juggling
is actually learning how to juggle a soccer ball on your neck or how to catch a soccer
ball on your neck and I remember being younger and going out in Orlando, Florida on our St.
Augustine grass in the driveway and just learning how to do this. It drove me nuts that I couldn’t
figure it out after watching all those Nike commercials for the World Cup. So one of the easiest ways to do that is to
pick up the ball and just learn to throw it up and then catch it and what you want to
do is like any trapping video that you will ever hear from me is you need to think of
like catching an egg. When you have a partner toss you an egg, if you ever did that growing
up maybe not. Chas, here. When they toss you say this was
a giant egg. What you need to do is you need to catch it like that and you need to kind
of brace it and like slow it down. Slow the pace of it down. The same is true with your
neck. So when people do this wrong and they get really frustrated, they will never do
it. It’s because when they go to catch the ball on the neck, they just go like this and
they let it hit the back of their head and they’re not actually bracing and what you
need to do is when you throw the ball up, you need to create a level surface and you
need to start slowing it down and one of the biggest things to do that people do wrong
is they don’t put their arms up. When you put your arms up, what you’re doing
is you’re actually creating this cup from the back of your neck to your shoulder blades
and so it’s almost going to just keep the ball right in there. So again, what you want
to do is start by just throwing it just past your head and then dropping down and when
you drop down, you should be dropping down pretty low because you need your back to be
kind of forward, your shoulder blades to be out and your neck to be up and that’s what’s
going to actually create that cup. So again, when you start off, it might hit the back
of your head and you might not get it right. So just work on throwing it up and getting
it down. See how low I am here? That’s because I threw it a little bit higher. So start doing
that and then when you start getting a little bit better, you can do where you work on juggling
like that. So again, that’s how to catch a soccer ball
on your neck. Those are kind of the fundamental tips that you need to know. So again, what
I would do is I would just go out and I would just do the toss as much as you can and just
really, really work on that. And we’re going to go over some cool stuff like how to keep
the soccer ball on your head and stuff and run all over the field but for this video,
that’s kind of the basics. So make sure that you’re going down. You’re
catching the ball. You’re creating that little cup that’s right on the back of your neck
and again oh, I lost my mic here. Stick your arms out when you do that because that’s what’s
going to actually enable it and some of the times you will notice especially if it’s windy
it’s a little bit windy out today that the ball is going to kind of be floating around
back and forth and that’s why you have your arms out. You have your arms out to kind of
balance it back to get it right back in that little spot where you need to get it. So again, that’s how to catch a soccer ball
on your neck. Don’t forget to comment, like, subscribe, do all that stuff up here, down
there. And then also if you want to check out a video of how I went from being just
an average soccer player to playing professionally as well and maybe you want some of those tips
too. You want to get to that next level. Then go ahead and click the link below the video
because you get some great tips and kind of see how I went from just being average to
playing at those levels and really taking it to being a game-changing player on the
field. So check that out and I will see you in the next video.

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  1. thanks man your a life saver you are the most helpful coach that ive never seen in real life ever also can you make a video of how to rainbow!!! much appreciated

  2. You are the greatest person to watch on YouTube to learn a soccer trick! You have great teaching characteristics as well as amazing soccer skills, of course! Thanks man, definitely subscribing!! 🙂

  3. I wanna ask wats wrong with ur website becuz I apparently cant see the videos no longer n the page completely changed
    …..any help???

  4. Hey um I can do it but when I do it most of the time it will hit my back. what should I do? PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!!

  5. hi i wanna know how to actually do a free kick around 20 to 25 yards out, because its difficult to get the right power!

  6. I can do it, its pretty easy but the only reason i watched this video was because it was really annoying me that sometimes i couldn't catch it in front of my friends and they would laugh at me so i wanted to see if i was doing it correctly and i'm thrilled that i was doing it properly but its just that i couldn't catch it all the time.

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