How to Breastfeed : Breastfeeding Football Hold


I’m going to be showing you the football hold,
which is a very good hold for moms who’ve had C-sections because it doesn’t put any
pressure on the abdomen. And if you do have any nipple damage, then this is a nice way
too, to move the baby’s mouth to a different position so as not to damage or let heal the
part that’s already been damaged. So with this position, you’re going to want to have
good support on your side, because you’re going to want to bring the baby’s bottom around
next to your side. Basically put his or her legs up behind you, so that he’s almost sitting
horizontally. You’re going to take this arm and put it under your breast, and you can
hold down this arm with your other hand. And you’re going to support the baby’s head here
underneath, like we talked about in the cross cradle position, so that you can guide him
or her onto the breast easily. So, in this position, his mouth is horizontal, so I’m
going to compress my breast more like a sandwich this time, and as soon as he opens his mouth
wide, guide him onto the breast like so. Let me show you that again. So I’m going to compress
the breast horizontally, and as soon as his mouth is open wide, I’m going to guide his
head onto the breast like so. And this is the football position. The other thing that
you can do with football, is if your hand gets tired here, you can either pop your pillow
up a little bit higher, or just get a rolled up wash cloth and just put it underneath your
hand for support. And baby’s like this too. And then when they’re done on this side, you
can just move the baby over, put his legs up behind you and feed him on this side.

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