How these football players are keeping cool during practice

How these football players are keeping cool during practice

[BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah so we use the sprinkler
system to get them wet, so it drops their core temperature. And that’s the big thing,
then also towels, wet towels with ice, put them on their neck,
drops the core temperature. Water bottles spray the back of the neck,
through the helmet, something things that people have done in
the past to keep the core temperature. I think the sprinkler system is nice
cuz it’s like a waterpark that way and the kids have a good time at practice. So it’s like what we call
it a rainy day practice so the kids get excited to come to practice
instead of it being like drudgery, 105 degrees, I don’t wanna be here. They actually enjoy being at practice. Could always get water anyways. We don’t have any water breaks. It’s water breaks all the time in terms of
water bottles constantly filled next to the players when they’re
doing their drills. Having an actual hose at practice and
spraying them down with the hose. All those type of things drops the core
temperature and then they’re fine. Actually grab a sprinkler, and I had it in my hand the whole time I was
spraying the players they were laughing. But they’re also repping and
being serious about their technique, because they have energy, they have life,
their core temperature is down so it’s like a lower heat than the normal. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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